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RoostCast 70: Human Interest

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Paul of Hockey Rhetoric. The two stumble into a discussion of the Olympics and why Ryan is glad they are gone for another two years. They also talk about LeBron James and how we perceive athletes, both in major sports like football or Norwegian handball players. Continue reading

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A Not-So Difficult Evaluation

by Ryan It’s easy to look at things in hindsight and call everyone stupid for not seeing it. That’s the easy part when you’re writing about sports. The teams are always wrong and the players aren’t good enough and the … Continue reading

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Behind By a Decade

by Ryan All human beings are created equal, yet all human beings believe in categorization. You are a Democrat or a Republican, a jock or a nerd, an optimist or a cynic. Even being a sports fan puts us in … Continue reading

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I Thought We Knew They’d Be Bad

By Chris Yes, it was a disappointing performance from the Bills on Friday. Trent Edwards looked awful (shocker, right?) and the defensive front seven couldn’t tackle. There wasn’t a lot to be excited about, but I can’t figure out why … Continue reading