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RoostCast 133: Break Drought In Case Of Emergency

We interrupt the DroughtCast with a very special Roostcast. The Buffalo Bills actually made the playoffs, so we had to talk about it a bit before it went down. Continue reading

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RoostCast 132: On the Road

Ryan and The Defenseman are back and live from Interstate 81. No, really. This podcast was recorded in a car driving to Bristol Motor Speedway before Virginia Tech lost to Tennessee in front of a lot of people. Before all the bourbon and moonshine they talked about their expectations, conspiracy theories, and later had a hamburger or two at Wendy’s. It was a pretty good day. Continue reading

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RoostCast 131: The Death Zone

In this episode, Ryan and The Defenseman talk about purging twitter accounts, really good writing about complex topics like amateur athletics, road trips, and books about death. Ryan also uses, like, five different words incorrectly throughout the podcast but did not edit it so the errors remain. Again, The Goose’s Roost apologizes for the oversight. Continue reading