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RoostCast 70: Human Interest

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Paul of Hockey Rhetoric. The two stumble into a discussion of the Olympics and why Ryan is glad they are gone for another two years. They also talk about LeBron James and how we perceive athletes, both in major sports like football or Norwegian handball players. Continue reading

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RoostCast Episode 61: A Cloud of Glitter and Nonsense

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Chris Smith of Artvoice and Paul of Hockey Rhetoric to discuss fragmentation in culture and online. How we view sports, music and society at large all comes into play. They also discuss sports blogging and how to fix the Buffalo News. Continue reading

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The Knee Jerk

By Chris Finishing a season one or two wins from a championship doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire nine-plus month campaign is a failure. It doesn’t mean the losing team should trade their biggest stars or fire their coach. However, … Continue reading