Week 17 GIF Recap: Bills at Patriots

Hi there. The Bills played their final game of the 2013 season at New England on Sunday. Here’s how it went:


Let’s just get this over with.

First Quarter

14:54 — LeGarrette Blount runs for 9-yard gain (0-0 tie)

I’m sure this isn’t foreshadowing anything at all.

11:46 — Tom Brady throws incomplete pass on 3rd and 3. Stephon Gilmore takes holding penalty (0-0 tie)

Probably a bit of an overreaction or something.

10:59 — Shane Vereen runs for 7-yard gain. Vereen fumbles (0-0 tie)

Patriots recover for a first down (0-0 tie)

You’re not getting off that easy, kid.

9:46 — Patriots kicker kicks 43-yard field goal (3-0 Patriots)

Slippery out there.

9:07 — C.J. Spiller runs for 24-yard gain (3-0 Patriots)

Old C.J. there. Didn’t even have a limp for a while.

8:04 — Thad Lewis throws 22-yard pass to Robert Woods (3-0 Patriots)

Ain’t no tanking today.

6:41 — Lewis fumbles ball out of bounds on 3rd and 10 at the Patriots’ 20 (3-0 Patriots)


6:19 — Bills Kicker kicks 51-yard field goal (3-3 tie)

Got ’em.

4:06 — Stevan Ridley runs for 24-yard gain (3-3 tie)

No thanks.

2:45 — Patriots Kicker kicks 35-yard field goal (6-3 Patriots)

A little excessive there.

1:42 — Lewis throws 27-yard pass to Robert Woods (6-3 Patriots)


0:13 — Old Bills Punter punts on 4th and 3 from the Patriots’ 41 (6-3 Patriots)

/watches son drown in sidewalk
//converts to Socialism

Second Quarter

14:40 — Blount runs for 14-yard gain (6-3 Patriots)

Guess what happens next? If you guessed “RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN” you also watched this game and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

12:22 — Blount runs for 36-yard touchdown (13-3 Patriots)

He made Jim Leonhard look like a toddler on this run.

11:07 — Fred Jackson runs for 13-yard gain on 3rd and 8 (13-3 Patriots)

Oh, nothing. Just cutting some wood for the funeral pyre.

8:33 — Lewis runs for 1-yard loss on QB sneak on 4th and 1 at the Patriots’ 45 (13-3 Patriots)

I know that’s what I asked for, but I would have liked a different play here. Whatever. Hey Doug, will you ever go for it on 4th and short ever again?

Good talk, Doug.

7:15 — Tom Brady fumbles and recovers because fumble luck. Patriots punter punts (13-3 Patriots)

About time that team catches a break, you know?

6:06 — Jackson runs for 16-yard gain (13-3 Patriots)

You are my favorite, Frederick.

4:50 — Old Bills Punter punts (13-3 Patriots)

Hate the punter, love the punt flag.

4:43 — Vereen runs for 22-yard gain (13-3 Patriots)

Yeah, you should probably go get that guy.

2:59 — Brady sacked by Stefan Charles (13-3 Patriots)

Who the eff is Stefan Charles?

2:27 — Brady throws 14-yard pass to Julian Edelman. Charles injured on play (13-3 Patriots)

Easy come, easy go. Also, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to use that GIF.

1:14 — Blount runs for no gain. Blount fumbles. Patriots recover because fumble luck (13-3 Patriots)

Handling this well, all things considered.

0:04 — Patriots kicker kicks 29-yard field goal (16-3 Patriots)

This one hurt.


I’m really going to miss you, buddy. Also:

Let it all burn.

Third Quarter

14:30 — Lewis throws 27-yard pass to Scott Chandler (16-3 Patriots)

I’ve heard you also shouldn’t count out Touchdown Thad.

13:35 — Lewis sacked (16-3 Patriots)

Perhaps I misheard.

12:57 — Old Bills Punter Punts. Edelman fumbles return. Patriots recover because fumble luck (16-3 Patriots)

Some dogs have it all.

9:57 — Ridley runs for 3-yard gain. Hughes AND Alan Branch take unsportsmanlike conduct penalties (16-3 Patriots)

7:49 — Patriots take a bunch of penalties. Brady punts on 3rd and 32 from Patriots’ 46 (16-3 Patriots)

I was really quite angry about this for no reason whatsoever.

7:03 — Lewis sacked on 3rd down. Bills go 3-and-out, Old Bills Punter punts (16-3 Patriots)

Down goes Lewis.

4:29 — Blount runs three times, Patriots punt (16-3 Patriots)

I feel ill. Call the punt flag.

3:30 — Lewis throws 41-yard pass to T.J. Graham (16-3 Patriots)

Unexpected and fun!

2:30 — Lewis sacked on 3rd down. Patriots take illegal hands to the face penalty for Bills first down (16-3 Patriots)

Whatever works for you, man.

1:35 — Lewis throws 12-yard touchdown pass to Graham (16-10 Patriots)

Do… do we have a game here?

1:29 — Blount returns kickoff 83 yards to Bills’ 20 (16-10 Patriots)


Fourth Quarter

15:00 — Brady throws 5-yard touchdown pass to Vereen (22-10 Patriots)

14:56 — Brady throws 2-yard pass to Edelman for 2-point conversion (24-10 Patriots)


12:12 — Lewis throws 37-yard pass to Jackson (24-10 Patriots)

Seriously, Fred. Let’s make a baby.

11:08 — Spiller runs for 12-yard gain (24-10 Patriots)

You’re cool, too, C.J.

10:24 — Jackson runs for 5-yard touchdown (24-17 Patriots)


10:20 — Blount returns kickoff 62 yards to Bills’ 40 (24-17 Patriots)


Patriots be all like:

10:09 — Vereen runs for 15-yard gain (24-17 Patriots)

Not having fun anymore.

8:02 — Patriots Kicker kicks 35-yard field goal (27-17 Patriots)

Finally ran out of kicking GIFs.

7:43 — Spiller runs for 13-yard gain (27-17 Patriots)

Not bad?

5:44 — Graham drops easy first down catch on 4th and 2 at Bills’ 43 (27-17 Patriots)


5:08 — Brady intercepted by Manny Lawson (27-17 Patriots)

I’m shocked it’s not over yet, either.

5:03 — Lewis throws 16-yard pass to Spiller (27-17 Patriots)

Yesssss. Yeeeesssss.

4:22 — Lewis throws 19-yard pass to Chandler (27-17 Patriots)


3:39 — Lewis sacked on 3rd down at Patriots’ 15 (27-17 Patriots)


3:30 — Bills Kicker kicks 37-yard field goal (27-20 Patriots)

Barely noticed how good of a season he had.

3:26 — Patriots recover onside kick (27-20 Patriots)

Tear it all down.

3:24 — Blount runs for 10-yard gain (27-20 Patriots)

Really needed to prevent that first down.

2:40 — Blount runs for 35-yard touchdown (34-20 Patriots)

Really needed to prevent that touchdown.

1:54 — Jackson drops pass on 4th and 2 at Bills’ 28 (34-20 Patriots)

Totally unfitting way to end it. Freddy deserved better.

Hey! Tom Brady wants to celebrate the Bills helping New England clinch the AFC East


End of Game

You, At Work This Week

You aren’t getting any work done this week, idiot.

This is the last GIF recap of the season, and probably the last one I’ll ever do. After two years, it’s time to move on to some other way to chronicle Bills losses. I’m really glad so many people liked these over the last two seasons. That so many people asked for them is the only reason they lasted this long. So thank you.

Hope you guys check back to see what’s next.


  1. James

    Sorry to hear this is the last year, I really looked forward to them every Monday, win or loss. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Jon

    Agreed…well done. Even after a bitter loss they gave me something to look forward to on Monday as I smashed my face into my computer screen as you depicted many times. Looking forward to what comes next!