Week 15 GIF Recap: Bills at Jaguars

Hi. The Bills played a road game in Tampa Bay on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Almost ready. Just a little bit more. Still going… hang on…

First Quarter

14:36 — Chad Henne throws 25-yard pass to Marcedes Lewis (0-0 tie)

Done with this game already.

14:09 — Henne intercepted by Aaron Williams (0-0 tie)


13:15 — Bills kicker kicks 42-yard field goal (3-0 Bills)

Knockout. No? Oh. Okay, then.

12:09 — Jaguars go 3-and-out, punt (3-0 Bills)

Like a good neighbor, punt flag is there.

10:04 — Manuel intercepted by Geno Hayes (3-0 Bills)

Superman was garbage, anyway.

9:23 — Jordan Todman runs for 16-yard gain (3-0 Bills)

The hell’s a Jordan Todman?

8:11 — Jaguars Kicker kicks 32-yard field goal (3-3 tie)


5:27 — Manuel throws 27-yard pass to Scott Chandler (3-3 tie)

Lone bright spot early for E.J. This one was rough. Tough to tell where the kid’s going in a game like this.

3:32 — Bills kicker misses 54-yard field goal (3-3 tie)

Bad Bills Punter! Bad! Bad!

Second Quarter

15:00 — Henne throws 12-yard touchdown pass to Ace Sanders (10-3 Jaguars)

Great job, team.

14:53 — Manuel sacked (10-3 Jaguars)


14:24 — Manuel sacked, Bills Punter punts (10-3 Jaguars)

It punts in your mouth, not in your hands.

11:24 — Jaguars go 3-and-out, punt (10-3 Jaguars)

The incredible, edible punt flag.

11:12 — Manuel throws 20-yard pass to Robert Woods (10-3 Jaguars)

This is a thing.

9:53 — Manuel throws 28-yard pass to Chris “Aggro” Gragg (10-3 Jaguars)

Who’s ready to climb the Aggro Gragg?

7:12 — Manuel throws 7-yard touchdown pass to Woods (10-10 tie)


5:56 — Jaguars go 3-and-out, punt (10-10 tie)

Please don’t squeeze the punt flag.

3:28 — Fred Jackson runs for 19-yard gain (10-10 tie)

Spiller did the “one good run then injured” thing, but Jackson was good on Sunday. Consistently good.

2:19 — Manuel runs for 8-yard touchdown (17-10 Bills)


0:57 — Henne throws 28-yard pass to Clay Harbor (17-10 Bills)

Man, why’s that thing always blinking anyway?

0:33 — Henne throws 1-yard pass to Mike Brown. Brown fumbles. Bills recover (17-10 Bills)

This was so huge.

0:21 — Manuel throws incomplete pass. Jaguars take 31-yard pass interference penalty (17-10 Bills)

This was also huge.

0:02 — Bills kicker kicks 40-yard field goal (20-10 Bills)

He is risen.



You probably should have shoveled at the half. That stuff accumulates, you know.

Third Quarter

13:29 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (20-10 Bills)

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed punt flag.

11:12 — Henne throws 10-yard pass to Brown. Brown fumbles. Brown, amazingly, recovers (20-10 Bills)

This was straight clown show. But King Clown hadn’t even showed up yet.

10:29 — Denard Robinson runs for 24-yard gain, fumbles at goal line. Touchback (20-10 Bills)

6:56 — Bills get two first downs, punt (20-10 Bills)

Silly rabbit, punt flags are for kids.

6:44 — Todman runs for 33-yard gain (20-10 Bills)

h8 u, jordan

If you’re a nobody, you sure can run on the Bills defense.

5:33 — Robinson laterals to Henne, who is sacked by Manny Lawson (20-10 Bills)

I wish I had a GIF of this. It was so dumb.

4:48 — Jaguars Kicker kicks 55-yard field goal (20-13 Bills)


1:22 — Manuel sacked, fumbles at Jaguars 35 on 3rd and 5 (20-13 Bills)

Total loss. And no pocket awareness, which is becoming an unfortunate trend.

Fourth Quarter

14:57 — Henne throws 30-yard pass to Todman (20-13 Bills)

A mere shadow is making a fool of you, Bills defense.

13:56 — Henne throws 13-yard touchdown pass to Lewis (20-20 tie)

What a lovely weekend we’re having in Florida.

13:20 — Manuel throws 20-yard pass to Woods (20-20 tie)

Nice play, you terrible liar, you.

11:40 — Manuel throws 18-yard pass to Woods (20-20 tie)

There was a nice pass to Frank Summers in there, too, but who cares unless you like cool tee shirts?

9:40 — Manuel throws 1-yard touchdown to Summers (27-20 Bills)

Dat tank. Some Bills fans (Squidward) aren’t happy about the Bills possibly winning this game. Others (Spongebob) are pretty excited. I, on the other hand, am one of the puzzle pieces on the table.

7:37 — Henne throws 16-yard pass to Kerry Taylor (27-20 Bills)

Who are these guys?

4:48 — Todman runs for 1-yard gain on 3rd and 3. Kyle Williams called for offside penalty (27-20 Bills)

Nice play, unsmart guy.

4:45 — Henne throws 16-yard pass to Harbor to Bills 1 (27-20 Bills)

Time for a defensive stand.

3:59 — Jim Leonhard stops Todman for 4-yard loss (27-20 Bills)

You got tackled by a backpack, you dope.

3:21 — Henne intercepted by Stephon Gilmore (27-20 Bills)

If the Bills are smart, this game’s over.

2:00 — Jackson runs three times for 4 yards, Bills punt (27-20 Bills)

Nice work. Also:

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s punt flag.

1:16 — Henne sacked by Nikel Robey on 3rd down (27-20 Bills)


0:53 — Henne throws incomplete pass on 4th and 15 (27-20 Bills)

Y’all stink worse than we do.

End of Game

You, At Work This Week

It’s okay. The Bills win sometimes, and it scares me, too. See you next week.