Week 14 GIF Recap: Bills at Buccaneers

Hi. The Bills played a road game in Tampa Bay on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Can’t look away.

First Quarter

14:56 — Bobby Rainey runs for 80-yard touchdown (7-0 Bucs)

No hamsters were harmed in the making of this GIF recap.

11:53 — Bills Punter punts. Bills Punter interfered with. Bills go 3-and-out again. Bills punter punts (7-0 Bucs)

You deserve two punt flags. Also, something I’ve noticed about this GIF: quite possibly the best part is that there’s a coach that gives the finger twirl to the guy holding the flag. As if to say, “START IT UP BOYS.” I love that GIF so much.

10:55 — CBS television feed goes out (7-0 Bucs)

Should have just stayed like this.

10:48 — Bucs go 3-and-out. Bucs Punter punts (7-0 Bucs)

To be, or not to be: that is the punt flag.

9:45 — E.J. Manuel throws 15-yard pass to Scott Chandler (7-0 Bucs)


8:57 — Manuel sacked for 10-yard loss (7-0 Bucs)

Not so smooth there.

8:12 — Bills kicker kicks 40-yard field goal (7-3 Bucs)

Not nearly as triumphant as seeing an Arizona State bro destroyed by an old man, but whatever.

5:07 — Mike Glennon throws 22-yard pass to Vincent Jackson (7-3 Bucs)

so catch. much defense. such bad

2:47 — Glennon throws 38-yard touchdown to Jackson (14-3 Bucs)


1:24 — Manuel sacked, Bills go 3-and-out, Bills punter punts (14-3 Bucs)

I saved a bunch of these GIFs from the Breaking Madden featuring 44 Schianos. At the time I thought the Bills would sack the Tampa quarterback quite a bit. That didn’t happen.


We few, we happy few, we band of punt flags.

0:29 — Bucs go 3-and-out, punt (14-3 Bucs)

O punt flag, punt flag! Wherefore art thou punt flag?

Second Quarter

14:07 — Manuel intercepted by Lavonte David (14-3 Bucs)

May as well just use this GIF for the rest of the game. But alas, we must continue.

13:29 — Glennon intercepted by Jarius Byrd (14-3 Bucs)

That man is going to get PAID.

12:28 — Manuel intercepted by Johnthan (this is how you spell it I checked) Banks (14-3 Bucs)

It’s all ruined now.

10:52 — Old Bills Kicker kicks 53-yard field goal for Tampa Bay (17-3 Bucs)

No one likes you anymore, Old Bills Kicker.

9:25 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (17-3 Bucs)

A punt flag! A punt flag! My kingdom for a punt flag!

7:55 — Bucs to 3-and-out, punt. Leodis McKelvin fumbles return (17-3 Bucs)

Feed him to the lions.

7:07 — Glennon intercepted by Stephon Gilmore (17-3 Bucs)

That goes for you, too, EJ.

4:54 — Bills get one first down, punt (17-3 Bucs)

The punt flag protests too much, methinks.

2:04 — Glennon throws incomplete pass on 3rd down. Byrd takes roughing the passer penalty (17-3 Bucs)


0:20 — Glennon throws 5-yard touchdown to Tim Wright (24-3 Bucs)

Great work.



At this point everyone turned to the Eagles game, because snow is fun and the Bills are not.

Third Quarter

10:25 — Bills kicker kicks 46-yard field goal (24-6 Bucs)

We get it. You’re cooler than the other guy. We’re still losing, Bills Kicker.

8:14 — Bucs go 3-and-out, punt (24-6 Bucs)

Cry ‘punt flag,’ and let slip the dogs of war.

6:13 — Manuel intercepted by Mason Foster (24-6 Bucs)

Hey, let’s rewind that so we can see it one more time.

Yeah. Just like that.

3:48 — Bucs go 3-and-out, punt (24-6 Bucs)

All the world’s a punt flag, and all the men and women merely players.

3:12 — Manuel throws 13-yard pass to Steven Johnson (24-6 Bucs)

His first name is “Steven” until we’re sure his hands aren’t working for the enemy.

1:21 — Manuel intercepted by David after Robert Woods is killed (24-6 Bucs)

This one wasn’t E.J’s fault. It was yours.

0:17 — Glennon throws 14-yard touchdown to Jackson. Play reviewed. Overturned. (24-6 Bucs)

Nice defense, or something.

Briefly: I don’t understand what the whole toe/heel discussion was. His foot came down out of bounds. It was only part of it, I know. But it was a part of it. How was that up for debate?

0:11 — Old Bills Kicker kicks 32-yard field goal for Bucs (27-6 Bucs)


Fourth Quarter

14:25 — C.J. Spiller runs for 83-yard touchdown

BUT! Robert Woods called for holding penalty (27-6 Bucs)

13:26 — Bills punter punts (27-6 Bucs)

But, soft! What light through yonder punt flag breaks!

11:48 — Bucs go 3-and-out, punt (27-6 Bucs)

Told by an punt flag, full of sound and fury.

9:35 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (27-6 Bucs)

Something is rotten in the state of punt flag.

5:46 — Bucs get one first down, punt (27-6 Bucs)

Now is the punt flag of our discontent.

4:32 — Manuel sacked twice, Old Bills Punter punts (27-6 Bucs)

I turned on Fox at this point. Not sure what happened after this.

End of Game

Let’s just go home already.

You, At Work This Week

See you next week.