Week 13 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Falcons

Hi there. The Bills played a “home” game against the Atlanta Falcons in Toronto on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


If your pregame was spent watching Jets/Dolphins, this was you.

First Quarter

13:27 — Matt Ryan sacked by Manny Lawson, Falcons go 3-and-out, punt (0-0 tie)

Brief aside: My girlfriend MADE A PUNT FLAG. We took it to the UB/Ball State game. It was grand.

12:21 — C.J. Spiller runs for 77-yard gail (0-0 tie)

Bye week done did him some good. For a while, at least.

10:59 — E.J. Manuel runs for 1-yard touchdown (7-0 Bills)

Dance like everyone is watching.

9:40 — Ryan sacked by Jerry Hughes, Falcons punt (7-0 Bills)

Seriously. It’s so much fun to wave a punt flag. Embrace the punt flag.

8:56 — Manuel throws incomplete pass. Falcons take roughing the passer penalty. Manuel hurt (7-0 Bills)


8:25 — Manuel returns to game (7-0 Bills)

Good advice right there.

7:50 — Manuel throws 15-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (7-0 Bills)

Good hands.

5:06 — Fred Jackson runs for 4-yard touchdown (14-0 Bills)


2:36 — Steven Jackson runs for 27-yard touchdown (14-7 Bills)

Least favorite Jackson. Behind LaToya.

0:21 — Bills get one first down, punt (14-7 Bills)

All we are are punt flags in the wind.

Second Quarter

13:01 — Falcons gain one first down, punt (14-7 Bills)

Hey punt flag, don’t make it bad.

7:28 — Bills kicker kicks 29-yard field goal (17-7 Bills)

15-play drive that took 5:25. Nice work, but there are lots of GIFs in the sea.

4:55 — Antone Smith runs for 38-yard touchdown (17-14 Bills)

Great work, team. Also, I made an Antone/Pantone joke on Twitter that no one liked BECAUSE NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY STYLE.

2:56 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (17-14 Bills)

This is what it sounds like when punt flags cry.

2:37 — Ryan throws 22-yard pass to Roddy White on 3rd and 10 (17-14 Bills)


1:17 — Ryan sacked by Hughes again (17-14 Bills)

Rack ’em.

0:30 — Ryan throws 9-yard pass to Roddy White (17-14 Bills)

This play was bookended by Falcons timeouts, because the Bills are aggressive and are always trying to score.

0:05 — Falcons kicker kicks 49-yard field goal (17-17 tie)

Another two unused timeouts for the bank. Good work, guys.



Come and get it.

Third Quarter

13:54 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (17-17 tie)

Do you have it? Also:

Imagine all the punt flags living life in peace.

11:17 — Ryan throws 21-yard pass to White (17-17 tie)

Cut it out, Roddy.

9:56 — Ryan throws 14-yard touchdown pass to Harry Douglas. Play is reviewed. Down at the one. (17-17 tie)

Trying to be reasonable here.

8:18 — Ryan throws 11-yard touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez on 3rd and goal from the 11 (24-17 Falcons)

Bend but don’t break. Shatter.

6:59 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (24-17 Falcons)

Whole lot of punt flag goin’ on.

6:15 — Ryan fumbles. Recovered by Kiko Alonso (24-17 Falcons)

American hero.

6:10 — Manuel throws 21-yard touchdown pass to Jackson (24-24 tie)

All square.

5:12 — Ryan runs for 17-yard gain on 3rd and 9 (24-24 tie)

Nice work.

1:46 — Falcons punter punts on 4th and 3 from Buffalo’s 44 (24-24 tie)

We lost to this guy.

0:43 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (24-24 tie)

Punt flag calling to the faraway towns.

Fourth Quarter

12:59 — Falcons punter punts (24-24 tie)

Punt flags like us, baby we were born to run.

12:23 — Manuel throws 33-yard pass to Robert Woods. Falcons take unnecessary roughness penalty (24-24 tie)

These real football plays are breathtaking.

11:53 — Spiller runs for 36-yard touchdown (31-24 Bills)

Ballgame hahahahahah no.

10:59 — Falcons go 3-and-out, punt (31-24 Bills)

Papa’s got a brand new punt flag.

10:06 — Bills go 3-and-out, Old Bills Punter punts (31-24 Bills)

Come on baby light my punt flag.

6:10 — Falcons get two first downs, punt at Bills 43 (31-24 Bills)

I hope I die before I get punt flag.

4:38 — Bills go 3-and-out, Old Bills Punter punts (31-24 Bills)

No woman no punt flag.

4:26 — Ryan sacked by Corbin Bryant (31-24 Bills)

Got him.

3:25 — Ryan throws 12-yard pass to Gonzalez on 3rd and 9 (31-24 Bills)

Tear it down.

2:53 — Ryan throws 24-yard pass to White (31-24 Bills)

Oh boy.

2:37 — Ryan throws incomplete pass.

Invisible Bills player called for pass interference (31-24 Bills)

Good coverage, toast.

1:47 — Jackson runs for 4-yard gain to Bills 1. Douglas takes unnecessary roughness penalty (31-24 Bills)

Ha ha.

1:38 — Ryan throws incomplete pass on 3rd and 16. Bills called for pass interference penalty (31-24 Bills)

1:31 — Jackson runs for 1-yard touchdown (31-31 tie)

Just go win the game, bozos.

0:47 — Manuel throws 24-yard pass to Scott Chandler (31-31 tie)

It’s happening again.

0:28 — Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Johnson. Johnson fumbles.

Falcons recover (31-31 tie)

That’s a new one.


14:34 — Manuel throws 22-yard pass to Chandler. Chandler fumbles.

Falcons recover (31-31 tie)

You know the rest.

End of Game

Eat it.

You, At Work This Week

Give me a little time over here.

See you next week.


  1. So instead of telling you “I love that flag” at UB-Bowling Green, I should have said “Ryan from the gooses roost needs to see that flag”. Damn.