Week 9 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Chiefs

Hi there. The Bills played a home game against the undefeated Chiefs on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


I just woke up and I’m already Tueling.

First Quarter

13:47 — Chiefs go 3-and-out, punt. L.McKelvin returns punt for 89-yard touchdown

BUT! Holding penalty. No touchdown (0-0 tie)

Took it from us kicking and screaming.

4:11 — Punt, punt (0-0 tie)

There was a Kiko sack in there somewhere, but that was just Smith running out of bounds. Let’s just get through this. It’s best now to dwell.

4:02 — Jeff Tuel throws 18-yard pass to Robert Woods (0-0 tie)

Hrm. Promising.

1:59 — Tuel throws 59-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Goodwin (7-0 Bills)

Starting to dig these rookie QBs.

Second Quarter

13:00 — Alex Smith sacked by Jerry Hughes. Smith fumbles. Chiefs recover (7-0 Bills)

They had it and they booted it away. Dopes.

12:06 — Chiefs punter punts (7-0 Bills)

Lots of punt flag in this one, but we’ll use it sparingly here.

11:57 — Tuel throws interception to Kendrick Lewis (7-0 Bills)

That ball was supposed to go to Scott Chandler, apparently.

7:34 — Chiefs kicker kicks 27-yard field goal on 4th and 1 at the Bills 9 (7-3 Bills)

Minimal damage, really.

3:49 — C.J. Spiller runs for 26-yard gain (7-3 Bills)

Body shots.

1:50 — Bills Kicker kicks 26-yard field goal (10-3 Bills)

With the lead at the half and they get the ball. What could go wrong?



I’m sure he gave quite a halftime speech.

Third Quarter

15:00 — Spiller runs for 61-yard gain (10-3 Bills)

He’s back, folks. I hope.

12:30 — Tuel throws incomplete pass in end zone. Chiefs take pass interference penalty. First and goal at the 1. (10-3 Bills)


12:25 — Jackson runs for no gain (10-3 Bills)


11:46 — Jackson runs for no gain (10-3 Bills)

Maybe they should throw it?

11:14 — Tuel throws interception to Sean Smith. Smith returns it 100-yard for a touchdown (10-10 tie)

Nope. Let’s go down to Jeff Tuel, with a message for the fans. Jeff?

I know, buddy. That doesn’t make it right.

8:42 — Jackson runs for 15-yard gain (10-10 tie)

Okay, good. Build momentum back up.

6:48 — Tuel throws incomplete pass on 4th and 2 from the 36 (10-10 tie)

Sort of feels like a game where a rookie quarterback makes 39 throwing attempts.

6:00 — Smith throws 20-yard pass to Anthony Fasano (10-10 tie)

Smith made, like, four plays on Sunday. Such a frustrating undefeated team.

4:02 — Chiefs kicker kicks 41-yard field goal (13-10 Chiefs)

First lead of the game.

3:26 — Tuel throws incomplete pass. Chiefs take roughing the passer penalty (13-10 Chiefs)

2:31 — Tuel throws 27-yard pass to Spiller (13-10 Chiefs)

None of these Spiller-things could have gotten to the endzone, huh?

1:40 — Jackson runs for 12-yard gain (13-10 Chiefs)

At least none of them got more hurt or something.

0:23 — Bills kicker kicks 30-yard field goal (13-13 tie)

All square. Four fingers up, folks.

Fourth Quarter

14:22 — Chiefs punt (13-13 tie)

Okay, one more time.

12:55 — Tuel throws 3-yard pass to T.J Graham. Graham fumbles. Ball is recovered by Tamba Hali, who returns it for a touchdown (20-13 Chiefs)

This is the game right here. Should we keep going? Why bother? Ugh, okay fine.

10:40 — Old Bills Punter Punts (20-13 Chiefs)

7:40 — Chiefs punt (20-13 Chiefs)

6:38 — Old Bills Punter Punts (20-13 Chiefs)

5:51 — Smith throws 10-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe (20-13 Chiefs)

I actually kind of feel bad for Bowe in this offense. This might be his longest ball of the year.

5:10 — Jamal Charles runs for 10-yard gain (20-13 Chiefs)

When was the last time a running back truly gashed the Bills? Shane Vereen?

2:18 — Chiefs kicker kicks 39-yard field goal (23-13 Chiefs)

That’s one way to end it.

2:13 — Tuel throws 12-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (23-13 Chiefs)


2:00 — Tuel runs for 14-yard gain (23-13 Chiefs)

Overwhelming sadness despite the good visuals.

1:54 — Tuel throws 14-yard pass to Johnson (23-13 Chiefs)


1:38 — Incomplete. Incomplete. Jackson runs for 6-yard gain (23-13 Chiefs)


1:32 — Tuel throws incomplete pass on 4th and 4 (23-13 Chiefs)

A graceful exit, as always.

End of Game

Let’s get out of here.

You, At Work This Week

Come back, E.J. Please.

See you next week.