Week 11 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Jets

Hello. The Bills played a home game against the New York Jets on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


(I wish the Bills could beat the Jets)

First Quarter

14:17 — Bilal Powell runs for 10-yard gain (0-0 tie)

Yeah no thanks.

12:57 — Geno Smith throws incomplete pass. Smith hurt by Marcel Dareus (0-0 tie)

He’ll come back. But he definitely wasn’t right after this.

11:46 — Smith fumbles. Recovered by Jets Jets punt (0-0 tie)

A day without punt flags is like, you know, night.

8:31 — Bills go 3-and-out, Old Bills Punter punts (0-0 tie)

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that punt flag.

8:23 — Smith throws 33-yard pass to Santonio Holmes (0-0 tie)


5:56 — Jets kicker misses 48-yard field goal (0-0 tie)


5:27 — E.J. Manuel throws 10-yard pass to Marquise Goodwin (0-0 tie)

Flash was their best receiver and he definitely had to be.

3:41 — Old Bills Punter punts on 4th and 5 from the Jets 45 (0-0 tie)

We have always been at war with Punt Flag.

1:33 — Jets go 3-and-out, punt (0-0 tie)

Be yourself; everyone else is already punt flag.

Second Quarter

12:44 — Bills kicker kicks 40-yard field goal (3-0 Bills)

Nothing else matters on that drive but points. Points!

11:50 — Smith sacked by Jarius Byrd. Jets punt (3-0 Bills)

Without punt flag, life would be a mistake.

4:13 — Manuel throws 34-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Graham (10-0 Bills)

It’s all coming together now.

3:59 — Smith sacked by Kyle Williams. Fumbles. Recovered by Manny Lawson (10-0 Bills)

This looks promising.

3:19 — Frank Summers runs for 3-yard touchdown (17-0 Bills)

Yeah gurl.

2:36 — Smith intercepted by Byrd (17-0 Bills)

Work it.

1:19 — Bills kicker kicks 42-yard field goal (20-0 Bills)


0:33 — Smith throws 15-yard pass to Holmes. Play is reviewed and overturned (20-0 Bills)

Good half.



Eat up.

Third Quarter

10:20 — Old Bills Punter drops snap, punts two yards (20-0 Bills)

This doesn’t even deserve a punt flag. You have to earn it, OBP.

9:24 — Smith throws 38-yard pass to Holmes (20-0 Bills)

What he said.

7:21 — Chris Ivory runs for 1-yard touchdown (20-7 Bills)

OH NO PANIC (Nah. Don’t do that.)

6:18 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (20-7 Bills)

Be the punt flag that you wish to see in the world.

5:19 — Jets go 3-and-out, punt (20-7 Bills)

So many punt flags, so little time.

5:07 — Manuel throws 40-yard pass to Graham (20-7 Bills)

Could it be?

4:46 — Maneul throws 43-yard pass to Goodwin (27-7 Bills)


3:59 — Smith intercepted by Byrd (27-7 Bills)

Pay that man.

3:07 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (27-7 Bills)

We accept the punt flag we think we deserve.

1:20 — Smith intercepted by Da’Norris Searcy, who returns it for a touchdown (34-7 Bills)

Go crazy.

Fourth Quarter

15:00 — Jets go 3-and-out, punt (34-7 Bills)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it punt flag.

13:08 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (34-7 Bills)

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it punt flagged.

12:16 — Matt Simms (!!!) throws 25-yard to Greg Salas (34-7 Bills)


11:33 — Simms throws 10-yard pass to Jeff Cumberland (34-7 Bills)

Mind the gap.

9:41 — Simms throws 13-yard touchdown pass to Cumberland (34-14 Bills)


8:13 — Manuel throws 31-yard pass to Scott Chandler (34-14 Bills)


6:55 — Goodwin runs for 17-yard gain (34-14 Bills)

Keep going.

4:07 — Bills Kicker kicks 43-yard field goal (37-14 Bills)


4:02 — Ivory runs for 69-yard gain (37-14 Bills)

Who cares?

End of Game

You, At Work This Week

Don’t you have something you should be doing?

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. We’ll see you after the bye.

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    Great recap like always. Thank you for them I never miss them. Happy thanksgiving to you too.