Week 10 GIF Recap: Bills at Steelers

Hi there. The Bills played a road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Oh hello there, football.

First Quarter

11:49 — Ben Roethlisberger throws 26-yard pass to Jericho Cotchery (0-0 tie)

Football is the worst.

10:32 — Roethlisberger throws interception to Jarius Byrd (0-0 tie)

Football is the best!

8:15 — E.J. Manuel runs for 8-yard gain on 3rd and 7 (0-0 tie)

He looks good!

6:19 — Bills Kicker kicked 20-yard field goal (3-0 Bills)

Good one, Bills kicker.

5:30 — Steelers go 3-and-out. Steelers punter punts (3-0 Bills)

I love the smell of punt flag in the morning.

4:08 — Bills go 3-and-out. Old Bills Punter punts 24 freaking yards (3-0 Bills)

Leave the gun. Take the punt flag.

2:01 — Steelers go 3-and-out. Steelers punter punts (3-0 Bills)

I’m gonna make him a punt flag he can’t refuse.

0:39 — Bills go 3-and-out. Old Bills Punter punts 26 freaking yards (3-0 Bills)

Love means never having to say you’re punt flag.

Second Quarter

15:00 — Jonathan Dywer runs for 6-yard gain on 3rd and 1 (3-0 Bills)


12:53 — Emmanuel Sanders runs for 25-yard gain (3-0 Bills)


10:12 — Le’Veon Bell runs four straight times (3-0 Bills)

It did work pretty well.

9:29 — Roethlisberger sacked by Kyle Williams (3-0 Bills)

Nice work.

8:52 — Steelers kicker kicks 36-yard field goal (3-3 tie)

Irreparable damage.

8:14 — Manuel throws 26-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (3-3 tie)

This was the longest Bills offensive play of the game.

7:03 — Manuel throws incomplete pass to Chris Aggro Gragg (3-3 tie)

He didn’t have it, it seems.

6:50 — Bills punter punts (3-3 tie)

Here’s looking at you, punt flag.

6:02 — Roethlisberger throws 34-yard pass to Bell (3-3 tie)

Actually, it probably will.

2:34 — Roethlisberger throws 24-yard pass to Antonio Brown on 3rd and 4 (3-3 tie)

Oh no. They’re serious about this scoring thing.

2:00 — Roethlisberger throws 5-yard touchdown pass to Cotchery (10-3 Steelers)

Great work.

0:49 — The Bills get a first down but mostly they punt (10-3 Steelers)

Forget it, Jake, it’s punt flag.




Third Quarter

11:59 — Manuel sacked on 3rd and 1 (10-3 Steelers)

You know what’s coming.

11:30 — Old Bills Punter punts (10-3 Steelers)

Punt flag, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?

10:02 — Roethlisberger throws 20-yard pass to Brown (10-3 Steelers)

She deserved it.

8:41 — Roethlisberger sacked by Marcel Dareus. Roethlisberger fumbles. Roethlisberger recovers. (10-3 Steelers)


8:10 — Steelers punter punts (10-3 Steelers)

I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little punt flag too!

7:58 — Manuel throws 20-yard pass to Johnson (10-3 Steelers)

Start planning the parade.

6:16 — Bills punt on 4th and 1 (10-3 Steelers)

I have always depended on the kindness of punt flags.

6:05 — Roethlisberger throws 40-yard pass to Brown (10-3 Steelers)

Goodbye everyone.

3:48 — Dareus flagged for incroachment on field goal attempt for Steelers first down (10-3 Steelers)

Nice work, idiot.

3:08 — Bell runs for 4-yard touchdown (17-3 Steelers)


2:32 — Bills go 3-and-out. Bills punter punts (17-3 Steelers)

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a punt flag.

1:58 — Roethlisberger sacked by Jerry Hughes (17-3 Steelers)


1:19 — Steelers punter punts (17-3 Steelers)

All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my punt flag.

Fourth Quarter

14:09 — Old Bills Punter punts on 4th and 5 from the Pittsburgh 36 (17-3 Steelers)

There’s no crying in punt flag.

Let’s go down to Chan Gailey Doug Marrone for an explanation. Chan Doug?

Makes sense. Let’s move on, then.

10:27 — Roethlisberger sacked by Jerry Hughes (17-3 Steelers)

Did this happen? Twice? Really? Huh.

9:57 — Steelers punter punts (17-3 Steelers)

Nobody puts punt flag in a corner.

9:47 — Manuel intercepted by Ryan Clark (17-3 Steelers)

Well that sure isn’t a punt.

8:05 — Steelers go 3-and-out. Steelers kicker kicks 37-yard field goal (20-3 Steelers)

What we’ve got here is a failure to punt flag.

7:27 — Manuel sacked by Jarvis Jones (20-3 Steelers)


6:52 — Manuel sacked by Cam Heyward (20-3 Steelers)

Even better.

6:25 — Old Bills Punter Punts (20-3 Steelers)

I feel the need—the need for punt flag.

4:38 — Steelers go 3-and-out. Steelers kicker kicks 23-yard field goal (23-3 Steelers)

Sorry, Phylis.

2:57 — Manuel throws 16-yard pass to Chris Hogan (23-3 Steelers)


2:35 — Manuel throws 9-yard pass to Chris Aggro Gragg (23-3 Steelers)

Behold the mountain.

2:09 — Manuel throws 8-yard pass to Chris Aggro Gragg (23-3 Steelers)

Gutsy catch.

1:44 — Manuel throws 6-yard pass to Chris Aggro Gragg (23-2 Steelers)

He wants it. Other players caught passes but only the Aggro Gragg matters anymore.

0:58 — Manuel sacked, fumbles.


Play is reviewed and overturned. (23-3 Steelers)


0:05 — Manuel throws 2-yard touchdown pass to false start hero Chris Aggro Gragg (23-10 Steelers)

End of Game

You still lost, dummy.

You, At Work This Week

Is it the bye week yet?

See you next Sunday.