Week 8 GIF Recap: Bills at Saints

Hi there. The Bills played a road game in New Orleans on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


I’m, uh… ready.

First Quarter

15:00 — Thad Lewis runs for 3-yard gain. Fumbles. Saints recover (0-0 tie)

Great start.

14:18 — Drew Brees sacked by Jerry Hughes (0-0 tie)

Nice work, cat.

13:26 — Saints kicker misses 47-yard field goal (0-0 tie)

Nice try.

13:22 — Fred Jackson runs for 15-yard gain (0-0 tie)

Our running backs run on drugs.

12:45 — Thad Lewis sacked (0-0 tie)

Little too much of this on Sunday.

9:48 — Bills kicker misses 50-yard field goal (0-0 tie)

Impressive. Kind of.

7:56 — Saints go 3-and-out. Punt (0-0 tie)

Welcome back buddy!

6:12 — Lewis is sacked. Fumbles. Saints recover (0-0 tie)

Such an epic GIF. Seriously. Watch this one like 15 times to really take it in.

4:50 — Brees throws 15-yard touchdown pass to Lance Moore (7-0 Saints)

Drew Brees is good. We’re going to have to accept that moving forward.

4:05 — Bills to 3-and-out. Punt (7-0 Saints)

It’s not as fun when it involves Old Bills Punter.

1:22 — Brees throws incomplete pass on 1st and 20. Bills called for roughing the passer penalty (7-0 Saints)

I really don’t know what a penalty is anymore.

Second Quarter

14:56 — Saints kicker misses 38-yard field goal (7-0 Saints)

Almost, buddy.

14:51 — Lewis throws 17-yard pass to Steve Johnson (7-0 Saints)

Johnson was hurt and still played great.

12:42 — Tashard Choice runs for 20-yard gain (7-0 Saints)

I don’t think he’s supposed to do that.

10:49 — Lewis throws 13-yard touchdown pass to Johnson (7-7 tie)

This was good times.

10:12 — Brees sacked by Kyle Williams and Da’Norris Searcy (7-7 tie)

Bills brothers.

8:41 — Saints punt (7-7 tie)

Drink the punt flag in. Let it hypnotize you with it’s unending surrender. It is your everything.

6:13 — Lewis throws 22- and 15-yard passes to Scott Chandler (7-7 tie)

Sure man.

4:38 — Bills kicker kicks 37-yard field goal (10-7 Bills)

Oh nice.

4:32 — Brees throws 17-yard pass to Ben Watson (10-7 Bills)


3:53 — Brees throws 69-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills (14-10 Saints)

Not our best defensive effort.

3:26 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (14-10 Saints)

You know what’s coming. Let’s just skip to the goofy play and the score.

0:49 — Brees intercepted in end zone by Aaron Williams.

BUT WAIT Saints called for holding penalty. Mario Williams called for facemask. Replay down.

They stole my baby.

0:35 — Brees throws 15-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham (21-10 Saints)

That’s all she wrote, folks.



The dog’s just looking out for your waistline. Be grateful.

Third Quarter

10:47 — Brees sacked by Mario Williams on third down (21-10 Saints)

Brees then lit a match and Williams freaked out, then the townspeople drove him out of town with pitchforks.

8:46 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (21-10 Saints)


5:21 — Brees throws 13-yard touchdown pass to Graham (28-10 Saints)

Time to go.

3:42 — Lewis throws 11-yard pass to Marquise Goodwin (28-10 Saints)

Yur kinda purdy.

3:15 — Lewis throws 55-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Graham

BUT WAIT! Scott Chandler holding penalty.

That’s the spot.

2:22 — Lewis throws incomplete pass on third down. Gets roughing the passer call. Drive continues (28-10 Saints)

Halloween is still canceled.

Fourth Quarter

15:00 — Fred Jackson runs to the 1. Doug Marrone challenges the play. It is upheld (28-10 Saints)

If you hated this challenge well, boy, just you wait.

14:23 — Jackson runs for 1-yard touchdown (28-17 Bills)

It’s kind of a game.

13:50 — Pierre Thomas runs for 1-yard gain. Marrone challenges spot of the ball. Play is upheld. (28-17 Saints)

Whenever you have the chance to blow two timeouts in 70 seconds, you have to do it.

11:52 — Saints punt (28-17 Saints)

Did you know Punt Flag has a Twitter account? Of course it does.

10:44 — Lewis intercepted by Keenan Lewis (28-17 Saints)

Nice punt.

7:44 — Brees throws 42-yard touchdown pass to Stills (35-17 Saints)

Crying time.

6:57 — Lewis throws 19-yard pass to Goodwin (35-17 Saints)


5:16 — Lewis throws 13-yard pass to Johnson (35-17 Saints)

Oh cool.

4:52 — Lewis throws 13-yard pass to Chandler (35-17 Saints)

Thematic GIF!

4:47 — Lewis is sacked (35-17 Saints)

He actually dove behind the line of scrimmage. But whatever.

4:14 — Lewis throws incomplete pass (35-17 Saints)

Good looks.

4:08 — Lewis throws incomplete pass on third down (35-17 Saints)


4:00 — Lewis throws incomplete pass on 4th down (35-17 Saints)

Hard landing.

End of Game

Rough weekend.

You, At Work This Week

Cheer up, guys. We get to beat the undefeated Chiefs next week. See you next Sunday.

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