Week 7 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Dolphins

Hi there. The Bills played a road game in Miami on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


No one’s coming to help. Let’s just get through it.

First Quarter

13:32 — Ryan Tannehill intercepted by Nickell Robey, who returns it for a touchdown (7-0 Bills)

Who needs a quarterback when you have a Nickell?

8:26 — Punt. Punt. Punt (7-0 Bills)

Someday that flag won’t be funny. Not today, though.

8:22 — Thad Lewis throws 18-yard pass to Lee Smith (7-0 Bills)

Definitely not the same Thad we saw last week.

7:46 — C.J. Spiller runs for 11-yard gain. Spiller limps off field (7-0 Bills)

I don’t want to live in a world where C.J. Spiller is injured.

5:52 — Fred Jackson runs for 3-yard touchdown (14-0 Bills)

Everyone is hurt. How are they still scoring points?

5:42 — Tannehill throws 18-yard pass to Mike Wallace (14-0 Bills)

And it was going so well.

3:47 — Tannehill throws 14-yard pass to Brian Hartline (14-0 Bills)

Someone get that cornerback a towel.

2:37 — Tannehill intercepted in endzone by Aaron Williams (14-0 Bills)


Second Quarter

15:00 — Lewis throws 16-yard screen pass to Jackson (14-0 Bills)

This was on a 3rd and 20. I just wanted to have some good news to start this quarter before it all falls apart.

14:22 — Lamar Miller runs for 30-yard gain (14-0 Bills)

Derp but don’t break.

13:46 — Wallace runs for 14-yard gain (14-0 Bills)

He’s not a running back, dummies.

11:07 — Tannehill throws 7-yard touchdown pass to Charles Clay (14-7 Bills)


8:09 — Punt. Punt (14-7 Bills)

Good call.

7:07 — Thad Lewis intercepted by deceased E Street saxophonist Clarence Clemons (14-7 Bills)

Nice play, Big Man.

5:55 — Caleb Sturgis misses 51-yard field goal (14-7 Bills)

What a dope.

5:50 — Frank Summers runs for 16-yard gain (14-7 Bills)

Best Bills run of the game came from Frank Summers.

4:38 — Lewis throws 30-yard pass to T.J. Graham (14-7 Bills)

Work it.

3:19 — Bills kicker kicks 39-yard field goal (17-7 Bills)

Cool, I guess.

1:34 — Punt, punt

Three straight passes for the Bills there. Don’t worry, the defense on the next drive was so bad the Dolphins wouldn’t need those timeouts, anyway.

1:25 — Tannehill throws 17-yard pass to Hartline (17-7 Bills)

Stay back.

1:21 — Tannehill thrws 46-yard pass to Mike Wallace (17-7 Bills)

You said it, suspenders.

0:34 — Gibson runs for 16-yard gain (17-7 Bills)

Living dangerously.

0:28 — Tannehill throws 13-yard touchdown to Gibson (17-14 Bills)

Not a good look.



Angry eating, because you know what’s coming.

Third Quarter

13:29 — Tannehill throws 15-yard pass to Hartline (17-14 Bills)


11:33 — Daniel Thomas runs for 16-yard gain (17-14 Bills)

I’m surprised this didn’t happen more.

10:51 — Tannehill throws 11-yard pass to Wallace (17-14 Bills)

Time to go.

6:53 — Tannehill throws 4-yard touchdown pass to Gibson (21-17 Dolphins)

3:43 — Lewis throws 17-yard pass to Steve Johnson. Dolphins take roughing the passer penalty (21-17 Dolphins)

This may have been the play of the day offensively for the Bills. Lewis is a tough dude.

2:48 — Lewis throws 11-yard pass to Robert Woods (21-17 Dolphins)


Fourth Quarter

14:58 — Bills gain two yards on three plays from the Miami 4. Bills kicker kicks 20-yard field goal (21-20 Dolphins)

Conservative Bills are conservative. Then again, they had half a running back most of the game.

13:29 — Dolphins go 3-and-out, punt (21-20 Dolphins)

Still trailing.

10:36 — Bills get one first down, punt (21-20 Dolphins)

Still losing.

5:48 — Dolphins get three first downs, punt (21-20 Dolphins)

Not enough juice.

3:50 — Bills go 3-and-out, punt (21-20 Dolphins)

Not gonna get it done.

2:57 — Tannehill sacked by Mario Williams. Tannehill fumbles (21-20 Dolphins)

Bills recover.

What a bum that Mario Williams guy is.

2:37 — Fred Jackson runs for 10-yard gain on 3rd and 4 (21-20 Dolphins)

All man.

2:26 — Tashard Choice runs for 5-yard gain to Miami 13 (21-20 Dolphins)

Are we setting up Bills Kicker here?

2:00 — Choice runs for 2-yard gain to Miami 11 (21-20 Dolphins)

They know we can’t run the clock out, yes?

1:19 — Choice runs for 2-yard loss (21-20 Dolphins)

At least he didn’t fumble.

0:36 — Dan Carpenter kicks 31-yard field goal (24-21 Bills)


0:33 — Bills kick short, Marcus Thigpen returns kick 44 yards to Miami 46 (24-21 Bills)

Dan Carpenter is a fool.

0:23 — Tannehill throws incomplete pass on first down (24-21 Bills)

Gotta crawl before you can walk.

0:19 — Tannehill throws incomplete pass on second down (24-21 Bills)


0:13 — Tannehill throws incomplete pass on third down (24-21 Bills)


0:06 — Tannehill throws incomplete pass on fourth down (24-21 Bills)

This guy? You were worried about this guy?

End of Game

We prefer to say “squished,” Channing.

You, At Work This Week

It’s going to be a cool week. See you next Sunday.

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