Week 5 GIF Recap: Bills at Browns

Hey there. The Bills played a Thursday Night Football game in Cleveland. Here’s how it went.


I am genuinely excited about this.

First Quarter

14:14 — Cleveland goes 3-and-out (0-0 tie)

Good work, team.

13:28 — T.J. Graham throws pass to end zone. Pass interference called (0-0 tie)

This is just going swimmingly.

13:21 — Fred Jackson runs for 1-yard touchdown (7-0 Bills)

Lots of “Fred Jackson 1-yard runs” in this game, but a few were really important.

13:13 — Brian Hoyer completes two straight passes to Davone Bess (7-0 Bills)

I thought they were joking when they said he was playing well.

11:33 — Hoyer runs for 11-yard gain. Tackled by Kiko Alonso. (7-0 Bills)

Hoyer is hurt. Brandon Weeden in.

We shouldn’t laugh. Something awful might happen to us in return or something.


10:12 — Browns drive stalls. Browns punter punts (7-0 Bills)

And it was looking so promising for them, too.

9:36 — E.J. Manuel throws 20-yard pass to Scott Chandler (7-0 Bills)

That’s what we want to see, boys.

7:49 — Manuel throws 13-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (7-0 Bills)

Work it.

6:45 — Manuel throws 12-yard pass to Graham (7-0 Bills)

Really feeling it now.

5:55 — Bills kicker kicks 52-yard field goal (10-0 Bills)

Only field goal of the night. And now we get to the Brandon Weeden sack montage.

4:12 — Weeden sacked by Mario Williams. Browns punt. (10-0 Bills)

Talk about GIF synergy…

0:53 — Aaron Williams takes dumb unnecesary roughness penalty after an incomplete pass on 3rd and 4 (10-0 Bills)

His weekly dumb penalty needs a sponsorship deal. I’m thinking Mighty Taco.

0:53 — Weeden sacked by Kyle Williams (10-0 Bills)

Weeden has the mobility of a maypole. They should have had 19 sacks.

Second Quarter

14:28 — Browns kick 30-yard field goal (10-3 Bills)

That’s cute.

11:11 — Bills punter punts (10-3 Bills)

That’s not.

10:20 — Weeden throws 19-yard pass to Jordan Cameron (10-3 Bills)

I know, girls. I’m concerned, too.

8:38 — Weeden throws 16-yard pass to Josh Gordon (10-3 Bills)

Stop being decent.

8:13 — Willis McGahee runs for 11-yard gain (10-3 Bills)

He can still do that?!?

5:15 — Da’Norris Searcy takes hilariously awful illegal contact penalty in end zone (10-3 Bills)

I’m not even sure what happened there. Dumb.

3:52 — McGahee runs for 1-yard touchdown (10-10 tie)

And we were making such beautiful music.

2:41 — Bills go 3-and-out. Bills punter punts (10-10 tie)

Travis Benjamin returns punt for 79-yard touchdown (17-10 Browns)

Great work, everyone.

1:59 — Manuel throws 9-yard pass to Jackson (17-10 Bills)

Fred Jackson takes gets taunting penalty (17-10 Bills)

What she said. I’m done with this half.



Not a good feeling about this one.

Third Quarter

14:30 — Manuel throws 24-yard pass to Robert Woods (17-10 Browns)

This team really has made some excellent halftime adjustments this season.

14:01 — Spiller runs for 54-yard touchdown (17-17 tie)

Just kidding:

Okay. Game on.

12:32 — Weeden sacked by Mario Williams (17-17 tie)

Maypole. Tetherball. Same difference.

9:10 — Manuel sacked by Buster Skrine (17-17 tie)

The hell is a Buster Skrine?

8:24 — Manuel runs for 14-yard gain (17-17 tie)

Manuel injures knee on the play

Overall, we handled that pretty well.

8:02 — Tashard Choice runs two consecutive times, because God is dead and no one loves you (17-17 tie)

I don’t want to play anymore.

6:41 — Jackson runs for 1-yard touchdown (23-17 Bills)

Thank you for bringing me off the ledge, Fred.

Joe Haden blocks PAT.

Joe Haden was offside. Bills kicker kicks PAT (24-17 Bills)


6:29 — Weeden throws 47-yard pass to Greg Little (24-17 Bills)

It’s tough to play football when you’re terrible.

5:39 — Weeden throws 37-yard touchdown pass to Gordon (24-24 tie)

Try to keep up, dingus.

Manuel does not return. Jeff Tuel stays in at quarterback.

Not you, Al.

4:57 — Bills go 3-and-out. Bills punter punts (24-24 tie)


4:10 — Weeden sacked by Jerry Hugues. Fumbles, but Browns recover. Browns punt (24-24 tie)

At least the defense is back to doing stuff.

2:46 — Tuel sacked. Bills punter punts poorly (24-24 tie)

I hope you have some saving put together, Bills Punter.

Fourth Quarter

12:34 — Alonso makes two straight tackles for loss. Browns kick 24-yard field goal (27-24 Browns)

Just a scratch.

11:17 — Tuels go 3-and-out. Bills punter punts poorly (27-24 Browns)

Not very effective.

9:38 — Weeden sacked by Hughes and Westerman. Browns punt (27-24 Browns)

7:13 — Bills offense is on the field for 1:32 seconds of game clock (27-24 Browns)

5:08 — Weeden throws 18-yard pass to Gordon on 3rd and 18 (27-24 Browns)

Ballhawks. Let’s go to the monitor for a replay:


4:40 — Weeden throws 16-yard pass to Little (27-24 Browns)

Cook trick.

2:26 — Browns kick 44-yard field goal (30-24 Browns)

That one hurts. Let’s go to the owner’s suite, where a criminal is laughing at the Buffalo Bills.

Life is unfair. But football ain’t life. Go win the game, Jeff.

2:14 — Tuel throws 12-yard pass to Jackson (30-24 Browns)


2:00 — Tuel throws 7-yard pass to Chris Hogan (30-24 Browns)


1:54 — Tuel intercepted by T.J. Ward, who returns it for a touchdown (37-24 Browns)

Drive killer.

End of Game

You, At Work This Week

It’s Friday. Go home and watch baseball already.

We’ll see you next week.