Week 4 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Ravens

Hey there. The Bills played a home game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Here’s how it went.

Oh, and in honor of Breaking Bad ending I’m going to use a bunch of GIFs from the show but NO SPOILERS. I promise. We don’t roll like that. Scout’s honor. Okay. Football. Let’s do it.


Game time.

First Quarter

13:07 — Joe Flacco throws 14-yard pass to Marlon Brown on 3rd and 13 (0-0 tie)

Great. It’s a repeat.

11:04 — Ravens punt (0-0 tie)


10:54 — C.J. Spiller runs for 10-yard gain (0-0 tie)

Maybe this won’t be so bad.

9:48 — E.J. Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Scott Chandler on 3rd and 2 (0-0 tie)

Pretty nice.

8:36 — Manuel throws 26-yard pass to T.J. Graham (0-0 tie)

Let’s keep it going.

6:49 — Manuel sacked on 3rd and 3 at the Baltimore 7 (0-0 tie)

Internal clocks and whatnot.

6:15 — Bills Kicker kicks 27-yard field goal (3-0 Bills)


5:37 — Flacco intercepted by Aaron Williams (3-0 Bills)

An unexpected twist in the Secondary Saga!

3:07 — Bills Kicker kicks 27-yard field goal on 4th and 2 from the 9 (6-0 Bills)

Not a fan.

1:05 — Baltimore goes 3-and-out. Punts (6-0 Bills)


0:58 — Manuel throws 19-yard pass to Robert Woods (6-0 Bills)

Love this combo.

Second Quarter

15:00 — Manuel sacked by Chris Canty. Fumbles. Baltimore recovers (6-0 Bills)

Like an Aztec to the kneecaps.

14:43 — Flacco throws 17-yard pass to Dallas Clark (6-0 Bills)

Every shot counts, Joe.

14:00 — Flacco throws 10-yard touchdown to Brown (7-6 Ravens)

Long way to go.

10:51 — Punt, punt (7-6 Ravens)

Aaron Williams made a tremendous play during this stretch, but that’s okay. He has another moment coming.

8:45 — Manuel throws 40-yard touchdown pass to Woods (13-7 Bills)

I want this in my life forever.

8:14 — Flacco intercepted by Jim Leonhard (13-7 Bills)

This guy just keeps showing up everywhere.

7:27 — Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Chandler on 3rd and 12 (13-7 Bills)

Improbably successful.

6:57 — Fred Jackson runs for 16-yard touchdown (20-7 Bills)

Not enough bathrooms, though.

4:45 — Punt, punt (20-7 Bills)

4:33 — Flacco throws 7-yard pass to Tandon Doss. Doss Fumbles. Leonhard recovers.

Play is reviewed and overturned. Incomplete pass.

That’s the last interesting thing that happened in the half. It’s a bit depressing, and also perfect. NFL Football!



Taco Monkey IS the danger.

Third Quarter

12:06 — Punt, punt (20-7 Bills)

11:23 — Manuel intercepted on tipped ball by Daryl Smith (20-7 Bills)


10:34 — Flacco intercepted in the end zone by Aaron Williams (20-7 Bills)

After that fairly incredible interception, Williams was all like:

10:22 — Manuel throws 28-yard pass to Lee Smith (20-7 Bills)

He makes Lee Smith look like… Lee Smith. I’ll work on it.

8:57 — Bills punter punts on 4th and 5 from the Baltimore 45 (20-7 Bills)

I’m not mad. Just… disappointed.

8:48 — Flacco throws 13-yard pass to Clark (20-7 Bills)

Just, you know, getting ready.

7:49 — Flacco throws 22-yard pass to Torrey Smith. Williams called for horsecollar tackle (20-7 Bills)

7:22 — Flacco throws 26-yard touchdown to Smith (20-14 Bills)

6:59 — Manuel throws 24-yard pass to Chandler (20-14 Bills)

Play is reviewed. Overturned. Incomplete.

Change of heart.

6:07 — Bills punter punts (20-14 Bills)

5:24 – Flacco throws 17-yard pass to Doss (20-14 Bills)

5:01 — Flacco intercepted by Kiko Alonso (20-14 Bills)

Not exaggerating when I say he’s already my favorite Bill.

3:35 — Woods runs for 13-yard gain (20-14 Bills)

Change of pace.

3:11 — Jackson runs for 10-yard gain (20-14 Bills)

I’ve been meaning to ask.

2:04 — Manuel throws 4-yard touchdown to Woods

Yeah science!

Play is reviewed. Catch is overturned. Fourth down.


1:59 — Bills Kicker kicks 24-yard field goal (23-14 Bills)

No, Bills Kicker! NEVER!

Fourth Quarter

8:42 — Manuel intercepted on deep pass intended for Woods (23-14 Bills)

Totally the right read. Rookie throw. Someone hold me.

8:33 — Flacco throws 74-yard pass to Smith (23-14 Bills)

7:16 — Ravens Kicker kicks 24-yard field goal (23-17 Bills)

Meanwhile, Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are:

5:49 — Bills punter punts (23-17 Bills)


5:43 — Flacco throws 33-yard pass to Deonte Thompson. Leonhard gets personal foul penalty (23-20 Bills)

Nice work, Jimothy.

5:31 — Flacco sacked by Mario Williams (23-17 Bills)

Drink up, folks.

4:52 — Rice runs for 7-yard gain (23-17 Bills)

They were supposed to forget about you!

4:08 — Ravens Kicker kicks 24-yard field goal on 4th and 5 from the 6 (23-20 Bills)

Thank you for coaching, John Harbaugh. You fool.

4:04 — Jackson runs for 2-yard gain (23-20 Bills)

I can’t.

3:22 — Manuel derps for no gain. Fumbles.

Bills recover.

Let’s just walk away from that one.

2:32 — Jackson runs for 4-yard gain. Bills punter punts (23-20 Bills)

Please. Please don’t let them play dumb and still win.

2:20 — Flacco sacked by Marcel Dareus (23-20 Bills)

Marcel Dareus is the one who knocks.

1:52 — Flacco throws 21-yard pass to Smith (23-20 Bills)

You ready for this?

1:33 — Rice runs for 2-yard gain (23-20 Bills)

Just wait. The big play has to be coming.

1:04 — Flacco intercepted by Kiko Alonso (23-20 Bills)

Really remarkable athleticism by the Bills defense on these interceptions. Also:

0:57 — Manuel takes knee (23-20 Bills)

Wait… they know they can’t just run out the clock here, right?

0:54 — Manuel takes knee (23-20 Bills)

Do-do they know they can’t run out the clock?

0:51 — Manuel takes knee, gets hit by Terrell Suggs. Loses helmet. Band on the field. Penalty. First down (23-20 Bills)

Pretty sure Eyebrows on the sidelines isn’t happy about that one.

End of Game

All. Square.

You, At Work This Week

See you on Thursday.