Week 3 GIF Recap: Bills at Jets

Hey there. The Bills played a football game at the Meadowlands on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Let’s do it.

First Quarter

14:00 — Geno Smith throws 45-yard pass to Stephen Hill. (0-0 tie)

I didn’t even know Geno Smiths were allowed to do that.

12:22 — Smith throws 18-yard pass to Jeremy Kurley (0-0 tie)

Don’t do this to me, Geno.

9:11 — Smith runs for 8-yard touchdown (7-0 Jets)

This isn’t what I wished for at all.

1:15 — Punt! Punt! Punt! Punt!

Oh my glob. So exciting.

0:26 — Fred Jackson runs for 56-yards (7-0 Jets)

This was nice because some sort of Freaky Friday thing must have happened with C.J. Spiller and Tashard Choice before the game.

Second Quarter

13:48 — Bills kicker kicks 47-yard field goal (7-3 Bills)


13:40 — Smith intercepted by Jim Lehonard (7-3 Bills)

That guy! He plays for us again!

10:00 — Bills kicker kicks 23-yard field goal (7-6 Jets)

That kicker sure can kick.

9:23 — Smith throws 11-yard pass to Santonio Holmes (7-6 Jets)

Where did all of our corners go?

7:06 — Smith throws 51-yard touchdown to Hill (14-6 Jets)

Nice coverage, you tiny idiot.

5:22 — E.J. Manuel throws 29-yard pass to Robert Woods (14-6 Jets)

I find that I usually enjoy this combination of human beings doing things together.

3:49 — Manuel sacked on 4th and 2 at the Jets’ 33 (14-6 Jets)

It’s just going to take time, you guys.

2:00 — Nick Mangold fumbles snap. Jets lose 21 yards on 3rd and 6 (14-6 Jets)

That was silly.

1:41 — Manuel sacked by Muhammad Wilkerson (14-6 Jets)

Let’s just skip to the “Bills Punter Punts” and move on.

0:05 — Nick Folk kicks 47-yard field goal (17-6 Jets)

Burn it down, Charmeleon. Burn it down.


Mmmnnn…. tacos.


Don’t worry. The gunshots are coming.

Third Quarter

12:31 — Smith throws 8-yard pass to Holmes. Holmes fumbles. Bills recover (17-6 Jets)

Play is overturned. Jets ball.

12:28 — Smith throws 40-yard pass to Holmes (17-6 Jets)

I am not enjoying this.

9:51 — Folk kicks 34-yard field goal (20-6 Jets)

Not helpful.

9:48 — Manuel sacked by Sheldon Richardson (20-6 Jets)

There were eight of these in all. I’m not going to talk about all of them because I want to live through this season and you should, too.

9:35 — Manuel throws 17-yard pass to Jackson (20-6 Jets)

You can be my C.J. today, Fred Jackson.

9:16 — Manuel runs for 19-yard gain (20-6 Jets)

Two-score game…

9:01 — Kyle Wilson gets called for defensive pass interference (20-6)

Kyle Wilson and Justin Rodgers should get an apartment together on Awful Avenue.

8:22 — Bills kicker kicks 43-yard field goal (20-9 Jets)

Field goal mafia.

7:52 — Bilal Powell runs for 27-yard gain (20-9 Jets)

Unwanted advance.

7:13 — Smith intercepted by Kiko Alonso (20-9 Jets)

Shake it, baby. Gonna find me some clues right ‘chea.

5:38 — Bills kicker kicks 26-yard field goal (20-12 Jets)

Big day for all 19 Bills Kicker fantasy owners out there.

4:02 — Justin Rodgers commits 22-yard pass interference penalty (20-12 Jets)


2:10 — Tommy Bohanon stopped short on 4th and 1 at the Bills’ 37 (20-12)

Could be a big stop. Let’s see what the offense can do.

2:02 — Manuel throws 23-yard pass to Steve Johnson (20-12 Jets)

It’s all happening now.

0:43 — Sack. Incomplete. Sack. Bills punter punts (20-12 Jets)

Easy does it.

Fourth Quarter

12:57 — Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (20-12 Jets)

Whip out the elbows, because here come the penalties.

12:23 — Manuel throws incomplete pass. Jets get holding penalty. Bills get taunting penalty. (20-12 Jets)

That was dumb. BUT HOW DUMB CAN WE GET?!?

12:19 — Manuel throws incomplete pass. Kyle Wilson takes illegal contact penalty (20-12 Jets)


12:16 — Jackson runs for 1-yard gain. Fumbles. Jets recover. (20-12 Jets)

BUT! Wilson called for personal foul and Richardson called for illegal use of hands. Bills ball.


12:08 — Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Johnson. Wilson called for ANOTHER personal foul penalty (20-12 Bills)

I have become more powerful than you can imagine.

10:47 — Manuel throws 34-yard touchdown to Scott Chandler (20-18 Bills)

Pretty sure that’s Scott Chandler’s son, Chet, in the middle there.

10:47 — Manuel throws 2-yard pass to Johnson for the 2-point conversion (20-20 tie)

All. Square.

9:34 — Smith throws 69-yard touchdown pass to Holmes (27-20 Jets)


Justin Rodgers, me, and your mom, respectively.

9:16 — Manuel throws 21-yard pass to Johnson (27-20 Jets)

Is it a comeback?

7:55 — Bills punter punts.


2:54 — PUNT PUNT PUNT (27-20 Jets)

Don’t fight it. This is who we be right now.

2:44 — Manuel throws 11-yard pass to Chandler (27-20 Jets)

I can’t feel my face.

2:14 — Manuel sacked by Wilkerson (27-20 Jets)

At least he kept getting up.

1:48 — Maneul throws incomplete pass on 4th and 7 (27-20 Jets)

Just a minor misstep on the road to greatness.

0:30 — Jets down punt at 1-yard line (27-20 Jets)

Here comes the comeback!

0:21 — Three Bills football plays happen (27-20 Jets)

Someone pass the meth.

End of Game

Strong finish.

You, At Work This Week


See you next Sunday.