Week 2 GIF Recap: Bills vs. Panthers

Hello again. The Bills played a home game against the Panthers on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Hi. We’re back for more.

First Quarter

13:20 — Cam Newton throws 31-yard pass to Greg Olsen (0-0 tie)

Good start.

12:43 — Newton sacked by Mario Williams (0-0 tie)

Lookin’ good, Mario.

12:04 — Newton intercepted by Kiko Alonso (0-0 tie)

Linebackers making plays!

11:58 — E.J. Manuel throws 34-yard pass to Frank Summers (0-0)

That stranger over there seems nice.

10:57 — C.J. Spiller runs for 10 yard gain (0-0 tie)

I’m changing my name to “R.J.”

8:55 — Manuel pass intended for Scott Chandler incomplete (0-0 tie)

Please stop throwing to Scott Chandler.

8:15 — Bills kicker misses 42-yard field goal (0-0 tie)

You stupid idiot man.

5:24 — Newton sacked by Mario Williams (0-0 tie)

It’s really too bad that this guy is bad at football.

4:05 — Spiller runs for 21-yard gain (0-0 tie)

He’s so fast. After this they ran Jackson twice, Manuel missed Woods and Bills punter punted. I don’t want talk about it.

Second Quarter

10:46 — Bills kicker kicks 55-yard field goal (3-0 Bills)

He just likes the hard ones, I guess.

7:41 — Punt, punt (3-0 Bills)

There really were some dull moments in this game. It’s coming, though.

7:20 — Newton throws 11-yard pass to Steve Smith (3-0 Bills)

That guy’s still pretty good.

5:57 — Newton sacked by Mario Williams. Panthers punter punts (3-0 Bills)


5:15 — Manuel throws 19-yard pass to Robert Woods (3-0 Bills)

Work it.

4:35 — Manuel throws 9-yard pass to Steve Johnson (3-0 Bills)

Okay. Driving down the field for another score before the half. Aggressive football. This is working.

2:14 — Bills punter punts on 4th and 3 from the Carolina 45 (3-0 Bills)

As it was so eloquently stated by @runthedive, get that weak shit out of my life. But hey, let’s go to Doug Marrone on the field for an explanation:

Thanks, Doug. Let’s fast-forward about two minutes and 90 yards.

0:18 — Newton throws 13-yard touchdown pass to Olsen (7-3 Panthers)

Great work, team.


Really debating putting this guy on a t-shirt.


This probably would have tasted better a few minutes ago.

Third Quarter

14:24 — Manuel throws 15-yard pass to Woods (7-3 Panthers)

I mean that, Robert.

13:53 — Manuel throws 28-yard pass to Woods (7-3 Panthers)

I think this guy is going to be good.

Both of them.

11:43 — Manuel throws 8-yard pass to T.J. Graham. Panthers commit facemask penalty. Bills have first and goal (7-3 Panthers)

I must have blacked out during the next 59 seconds. I think they thew nine fades to Scott Chandler, though.

10:52 — Bills kicker kicks 20-yard field goal (7-6 Panthers)

That means he kicked it from the two. Good god.

9:22 — Newton sacked by Mario Williams and Marcel Dareus (7-6 Panthers)

Mario needed help on this one because HE’S NOT A FINISHER AND I’LL TELL YOU ANOTHER THING— /carried away by peregrine falcon

8:56 — Frank Summers’ holding penalty before the Panthers’ punt causes tear in space-time continuum. Panthers get first down (7-6 Panthers)

Now is the Summers of our discontent.

8:48 — DeAngelo Williams runs for 21-yard game (7-6 Panthers)

I’m honestly surprised we didn’t see more of this.

6:59 — Newton throws 40-yard touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr. (14-6 Panthers)

No thanks.

4:47 — Manuel throws 45-yard pass to Johnson (14-6 Panthers)


4:18 — Fred Jackson runs for 4-yard touchdown (14-12 Bills)

Go for the tie, team.

4:18 — Manuel throws 2-yard pass to Robert Woods for 2-point conversion (14-14 tie)

Let’s synchronize our watches, y’all.

2:09 — Panthers first down after Aaron Williams flagged for unnecessary roughness after incomplete pass on 3rd and 12 (14-14 tie)

Young! Undisciplined! Narrative! Skittles!

1:48 — Panthers punt (14-14 tie)


1:40 — Spiller runs for 9-yard gain (14-14 tie)

It’s a Herman’s Hermits song waiting to happen over here.

1:14 — Manuel fumbles. Carolina recovers in the red zone (14-14 tie)

That… wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Fourth Quarter

12:47 — Panthers kicker kicks 27-yard field goal (17-14 Panthers)

Good hold for the defense. Hopefully they get a rest while I foreshadow what happens next.

12:19 — Manuel intercepted by Luke Kuechly at Buffalo’s 26 (17-14 Panthers)

Let’s get out of here.

11:27 — Newton throws 13-yard pass to Olsen on 3rd and 9 (17-14 Panthers)

I’ve seen this before. I think I know how it ends.

9:30 — Newton sacked by Mario Williams on 3rd and 4 from the 6 (17-14 Panthers)

Just cut him already.

8:44 — Panthers kicker kicks 25-yard field goal (20-14 Panthers)

Ain’t that the truth.

8:41 — Spiller runs for 46-yard gain (20-14 Panthers)

Still haven’t seen that guy throw up yet.

7:18 — Fred Jackson, Fred Jackson, Fred Jackson, Bills kicker kicks 48-yard field goal (20-17 Panthers)

Don’t mind me, just yacking everywhere.

7:13 — Newton throws 13-yard pass to Olsen (20-17 Panthers)

They could, uh, really use a stop here.

5:05 — Newton runs for 5-yard gain on 3rd and 2 (20-17 Panthers)

This will only end in tears.

1:42 — Panthers kicker kicks 39-yard field goal on 4th and 1 from the Bills’ 21 (23-17 Panthers)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Panthers coach Ron Rivera for being an absolute idiot.

1:38 — Manuel throws 8-yard pass to Johnson (23-17 Panthers)


1:28 — Manuel throws 12-yard pass to Spiller (23-17 Panthers)


1:09 — Manuel throws 14-yard pass to Jackson (23-17 Panthers)

Uh huh.

0:47 — Manuel throws incomplete pass to Jackson (23-17 Panthers)

Good thing he dropped it, actually.

0:40 — Manuel throws 11-yard pass to Johnson (23-17 Panthers)


0:33 — Manuel throws incomplete pass to Spiller (23-17 Panthers)

Could have been worse.

0:29 — Manuel throws 4-yard pass to Spiller (23-17 Panthers)

0:21 — Manuel intercepted by Colin Jones (23-17 Panthers)


Pass interference. First and 10 at the 11 (23-17 Panthers)

0:14 — Manuel runs for 9-yard gain (23-17)

One more play.

0:06 — Manuel throws a 2-yard touchdown pass to Johnson (23-23 tie)

The busted coverage doesn’t make this drive any less impressive.

0:02 — Bills kicker kicks extra point (24-23 Bills)


End of Game

I told you it would end in tears.

You, at Work This Week

See you next Sunday.

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