Wardrobe Change

The Buffalo Sabres finally convinced one of their players to put on the new third jersey on Wednesday.

Allowing someone to capture the moment on film must have really pained Steve Ott. This is the kind of stuff you have to do when you’re gunning for a captaincy, I suppose. No one stays clean in this game, kids.

The fact that these jerseys are putrid is the perfect conclusion to a summer where the Sabres did a hilariously terrible job marketing the team. An endless string of color swatches from the Home Depot was punctuated by a halfhearted attempt at levity before they brought out the big ugly stick. The only people that actually believe Ott broke in and stole a prototype jersey with his own name on the back are those misguided enough to actually purchase the thing.

Seriously, don’t buy it. Don’t encourage them any more than you already have. That jersey is atrocious. They’re going to get booed every time they wear it. Do something better with your money.

Actually, buy this shirt in support of Sweet Sally Sunshine. You probably saw this last week, but now is a great time to support a great cause and get a solid shirt out of the deal as well. Sally is battling Leukemia, she has a great family who loves her, and they could use your help. I’m pulling out my credit card as soon as I hit publish.

Forget about how terrible the Sabres are and go buy a #SupportSally shirt instead. In fact, buy a shirt in place of whatever crap you were going to buy from the Sabres Store this season. Terry can go drill another oil well if he wants some extra scratch. Sally and the Kabels aren’t so lucky.

One Comment

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Buffalo fans can spend their money more wisely than this on a good cause.