RoostCast 94: There Will Be Takes

In this episode, Ryan is joined by The Defenseman to talk about the postseason press conference for the Buffalo Sabres. They also talk about the revisionist history of Darcy Regier, the conservative nature of Terry Pegula, and what Jason Collins means for sports in America. There’s even a special appearance from Ryan’s grandmother to round out a solid podcast after an extended break.


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The music for today’s podcast is as follows:

Pizza Ice Cream (is My Dream) — Space Wolves

So Tired of Being Alone — Al Green


  1. cdr

    I thought the Defenseman’s rant about TBN was spot on. Also, I don’t mind when you guys get ‘negative’. Sometimes (lately) that’s how things are. At least you guys are actually talking about things and not just venting like sports radio type pods.

  2. cdr

    Welp, I just read the Trending Buffalo post where Defenseman says he was completely wrong, so, nevermind.

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