Discard Pile

Ryan Fitzpatrick was released back into the wild yesterday, 502 days after signing a $56 million contract extension with the Buffalo Bills.

A lot can happen in 500 or so days. Some dude from Grantland can call you the potential savior of a city. Ribs break and beards are shaved. Hip twentysomethings fall in and out of love. Seasons come and go. Life moves on.

It was a bad idea for the Bills to give him that extension on October 28, 2011. People outside of Buffalo thought the deal was crazy, and even those captivated by the unlikely success Fitzpatrick had early in that season knew it wouldn’t last. Definitely not six more years.

And so a wave of rookie quarterbacks came and went without the Bills taking a chance. The franchise was tied to Fitzpatrick through good and bad, but now all that’s gone. Buddy Nix, who hours before accidentally told the world how much his quarterback sucks, took care of the problem he himself created. They will probably draft a rookie and see what happens. Open competition and all that.

For all the talk about things staying the same with sports in Buffalo, the body count sure is piling up this year. Fitzpatrick joins his former head coach and a Buffalo sports legend on the discard pile during one of the most frustrating stretches of sporting ineptitude in recent memory. Somehow, the general managers have survived the carnage despite creating much of the mess they are attempting to clean up.

I’m not sure if they really deserve the chance to fix it, but it looks like Buddy Nix sure will give it another go. After all, there’s still some room on the shirt for a few more quarterbacks.