Cold Call

Have you missed the sweet, southern twang of Bills GM Buddy Nix’s voice during the football off season? Well, Deadspin has a phone call for you!

I’m no lawyer-guy, so I’m not going to pretend to know whether this is legal or not. My guess is no, and someone will probably have a court date no matter how benign the actual conversation was here. We learned that Ryan Fitzpatrick has a big contract that even embarrasses the guy who gave it to him. Also, the Bills like their tackles.

tumblr_mhc0voTpYY1qdcq00o1_500The actual football information here is sparse, really. The real problem is that the entire incident reinforces every bad stereotype Bills fans have about the organization. An unorganized, second-rate franchise had its general manager calling a prankster back again and again. An old man fumbling through his smartphone searching for a wrong number. It sounds foolish and out-of-touch and, well, like everything the Bills have been known for since the late 90s.

No one likes what they see when they look behind the curtain. It’s embarrassing that a franchise as maligned as the Buffalo Bills gets duped by this. I’m sure Bucs fans feel the same way, but we live in Buffalo and so this is a Buffalo story. You can blame who you want in this exchange because the list is pretty damn long. The people engineering the phone call. Nix. Dominik. Maybe a secretary or the Kinja-ninjas over at Deadspin.

Without context this phone call merely tips the hand of the Bills’ GM. With a decade and counting of failure attached, it’s yet another indication of how terrible this franchise is. A team owned by an out-to-lunch old man who hired a bumbling, hapless slightly-younger man to assemble an aw-shucks team that can’t ever get its shit together. Whether you blame Nix for getting duped or not, the incident definitely doesn’t improve the way you think about the guy.

tumblr_mgjt8zGgeB1qa4wtvo1_500The Bills want to be a new-look franchise. They want you to believe they’re turning a corner and that things are getting better. Russ Brandon wasn’t part of the problem, it was his lack of control over the franchise that kept it back. And hey, Doug Whaley is ready to take over once Nix can’t hack it anymore.

It’s all supposed to be different now, but one year after the free agency courtship of Mario Williams brought plenty of hope and little satisfaction, the Bills are back on FA day to show you they’re still operating from the inside of a clown car. I have no problem with Nix speaking frankly about Ryan Fitzpatrick. At least he’s not delusional about the situation at quarterback.

It’s not the fact that he’s right. It’s that everything else is so obviously wrong.