RoostCast 91: Tough Crowd Blues


In this episode, Ryan is joined by The Defenseman to talk about the firing of Lindy Ruff. They break down the decision to get rid of Ruff, what that means for the franchise and for the team this season. It’s the podcast few thought would happen this season but hey: that’s why you press play.


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The music for today’s podcast is as follows:

Young Americans — David Bowie

Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City — Bobby Blue Bland


  1. Mike

    As usual you carried this podcast and Corey added not much. Except smugness.
    I think that the death knell for Ruff, who is still a very good coach and to be much admired, etc etc., was when Pegula bought the team. I know he said what he said when he bought the team, but I think he honestly thought that when he took over and opened up the purse strings, that magically, the team would become world beaters. When that didn’t happen, I think he concluded that a change had to be made.
    I think ownership had a lot to do with Ruff’s tenure. He was Rigas’s guy. Then Rigas went to jail. Then there were the bankruptcy years and there was really no reason to fire him. Then Golisano tookover and I don’t think he really cared what happened as long as the team made money. And Darcy wasn’t going to fire him.

  2. The Defenseman

    Who is this Corey character? Sounds like an asshole.

    • Mike

      I do think you are dead on about the fear of someone else finding success away from Buffalo. I’ve never understood that mentality. I don’t even know what you’d call it? Civic self-importance? It sounds like the petty significant other that you always regret dating because they want you to fail because you broke up. But I can’t condemn anyone too much. If there’s a sports figure it’s understandable for people to get sentimental over, it’s Lindy, just because there were so many memorable moments and he was here for so long. I remember exactly what I was doing and where I was when I heard that he was hired. And that’s not because I love Lindy or he’s my hero or anything, but my entire young adulthood has been marked by his coaching tenure. And my hockey fandom has had such a big impact during that time period on my life.