When Keeping It Real On Twitter Goes Wrong

Do you remember when the Dallas Cowboys decided to chirp the Dallas Stars on Twitter last week?

It went something like this:

Cowboys Tweet via The Sporting News

And then the Stars came back with the knockout punch:

The Cowboys went on to apologize and jokes were made about how there would be an opening in the Cowboys Social Media Department. Only there may actually have been an opening in the Cowboys Internet/New Media Department as a result.

This listing for a “Social Media Writer” was posted on the TeamWorkOnline jobs site this morning.

Cowboys Job

I have no idea if the timing of that Cowboys tweet and the job posting are related, but it is pretty intriguing. Now being the little go-getter that I am, I sent in an application for that position, just to see what would happen.

A little more than a half-hour later (a really short period of time), this email showed up in my inbox:

Cowboys Email

The job posting was pulled and apparently no one will be hired at this time.

So much for getting to the bottom of this mystery.