Photo Bomb

Let’s talk about the photo that Andy Gray of Sports Illustrated posted to Twitter on Wednesday.


Gray is definitely worth a follow if you’re on Twitter. If you’re not or if you missed anything from Wednesday, I put together a Storify page that has all the photos he shared. Definitely check that out. Okay, now to the photo above.

I have so many questions.

The basic story, I’m guessing, is that SI wanted to point out the transition between the old blue and gold color scheme to the red and black the Sabres sported when Marine Midland Arena first opened. What I can’t possibly explain is the following:

1) Numbered silk bathrobes

2) Dominik Hasek’s face

3) The disco ball at top right

I really hope Pegula kept that disco ball in place when locker room renovations were made last year. I don’t think any photo will ever match this beauty in terms of awkwardness, but it’s pretty close. Then again neither Hasek or Satan ever rocked the Pamela Anderson barbed wire tat.


  1. KevinP

    The robes were given to Rob Ray and Brad May by trainer Rip Simonick. They were meant to look like boxing robes. Barnaby always wanted one but they never gave him one

  2. Elise

    The disco ball hung over the jacuzzi in the locker room.

    And I had a copy of this in my locker in high school. (And I’m only a little embarrassed about this.)

  3. Erich

    4. The disembodied leg sticking up behind Ray.