RoostCast 82: Stop Handling the Meat


In this episode, Ryan is joined by three, count ’em, three guests: Paul of Hockey Rhetoric, Chris Smith of Artvoice and Jason Griswold. The four of them test out a new microphone at Community Beer Works as they let Chris talk smack about other bloggers then discuss race in society and why we get what we deserve from the media. They also talk about labor in America, the Bills getting a new stadium and Chris Smith running for mayor of Buffalo.

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Here are some things they mentioned in the podcast:

Rob Parker Lowers The Bar On First Take: Is Robert Griffin III “A Brother Or A Cornball Brother? — Deadspin

It’s Your Fault — The Morning Grumpy – 12/12/12, Artvoice

Musical selections for this episode:

Offend in Every Way” — The White Stripes

Wasted Hours” — Arcade Fire