RoostCast 81: The 10th Stair

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Paul of Hockey Rhetoric and Dean Goranites of YouTube book reviewing fame. Ryan forgets what episode number this is as they talk about the value of college and what we assume is good for us in society. They also discuss the Bills and the lost generation of fans as well as Chan Gailey and fond memories of Drew Bledsoe.

The audio player is below, as is a download link if you like your podcasts on the go.


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Also, here’s a picture of that staircase and a video of people tripping.

Musical selections for this episode:

Can’t Hold Us (Feat. Ray Dalton)” — Macklemore X Ryan Lewis

Here Comes the King” — Snoop Lion

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  1. Sure, it took me a few days, but I made it through the whole thing. I don’t need to do the next podcast, but you can mail some kind of award to the arena if you want.