Week 6 GIF Recap

The Bills played a football game against Arizona on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Uh… oh God.

First Quarter

14:55 — Fred Jackson rushes for four yards. He fumbles. Cardinals recover (0-0 tie)


13:50 — Jay Feely kicks 49-yard field goal (3-0 Cardinals)

Susan Lucci keeps her promises.

8:36 — Chris Kelsay sacks Kevin Kolb Tackled By Chris Kelsay In End Zone. Safety (3-2 Cardinals)

If you were looking for a Safety Dance GIF, you must be outside of your mind.

3:35 — C.J. Spiller runs for 10-yard touchdown (9-3 Bills)

He was a bit faster than that.

0:26 — Kolb sacked by Mario Williams on 3rd and 9 (9-3 Bills)

Well look who showed up.

Second Quarter

11:06 — Bills go three-and-out. Fitzpatrick throws for -8 yards (9-3 Bills)

We’re still winning, right?

4:47 — Kevin Kolb throws 9-yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald (10-9 Cardinals)

They were real tears, I swear.

Jimbo would be proud.

0:11 — Fitzpatrick sacked by O’Brien Schofield (10-9 Cardinals)

The guy’s first name is O’Brien. He kind of deserves the sack.



For your health.

Third Quarter

5:53 — Kolb sacked by Nick Barnett (10-9 Cardinals)

If you’re just going to stand there, you’re asking for it.

3:12 — Feely kicks 49-yard field goal (13-9 Cardinals)

Good contact.

2:03 — Spiller runs for 33 yards on 2nd and 3 at midfield (13-9 Cardinals)

0:27 — Fred Jackson scores on 1-yard touchdown run (16-13 Bills)

Get loose.

Fourth Quarter

5:54 — Jarius Byrd intercepted Kolb in Bills territory (16-13 Bills)

Byrd stared deep into Kevin’s eyes, and he liked what he saw.

3:07 — Brad Smith throws interception in the end zone (16-13 Bills)

Great party, Chan.

2:06 — Kolb sacked, is injured (16-13 Bills)

I’m sure this will be the end of it.

1:53 — John Skelton throws 17-yard completion to Fitzgerald (16-13 Bills)

1:09 — Feely kicks 61-yard field goal (16-16 tie)

Nailed it.

0:50 — Bills go three-and-out (16-16 tie)

0:46 — J. Skelton throws 28-yard pass to Fitzgerald to bring Arizona to the Bills’ 20 (16-16 tie)

0:03 — Feeley attempts 38-yard field goal (16-16 tie)

The kick is up…

Bipartisan lulz.


Bills win coin toss. They will receive (16-16 tie)

Skip the formalities and end this nightmare.

13:08 — Bills punt from the Cardinals’ 35 yard line. Touchback (16-16 tie)

Why? Why does this keep happening to us?

11:55 — Byrd intercepts Skelton, returns ball to Arizona 6 (16-16 tie)

Everybody loves a twist.

11:50 — Fitzpatrick takes a knee, for whatever reason (16-16 Bills)

Just get out of the way, idiot-head.

11:10 — Rian Lindell kicks 25-yard field goal (19-16 Bills)

I just hope the horse is okay.

End of Game

You, at Work This Week

This one’s going to haunt you for a while. See you next Sunday.