Week 5 Prep: Bills vs. 49ers

Late games are weird.

Unlike the excitement that comes with a Sunday or Monday night game, a 4 p.m. (or so) start comes with the sensation that you’re missing out on something. You are not, there’s simply time to get things done before the Bills play. Go pick some apples or something.

When you consider how bad the Bills have been over the last decade and the rarity of West Coast trips, it’s unusual that an early Sunday afternoon lacks a Bills game to watch. It disrupts the normal October viewing schedule, to be honest.

We could use a bit of disruption, however. Something different would be nice. The 49ers are an interesting team to watch, and we’re far from understanding just what this Bills team will be this season. Last week Buffalo struggled in the second half, but it’s only the start of the second quarter when you look at the regular season.

There’s a lot of football to be played this year, and today the important game starts late.

Essential Info

Kickoff: 4 p.m. on CBS

Your Announcers: Kevin Harlan, Solomon Wilcots

Aren’t they precious?

Other Games You Can Watch If You Don’t Have Sunday Ticket, You Millionaire You (via the506.com)

Cleveland at New York Giants, 1 p.m. on CBS

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. on FOX

How is Cleveland/New York the best game CBS can come up with in the early slot? Good God.

Depth Charts:
Bills. 49ers.

You know, in case you forgot the name of that guy wearing 94 for the Bills.

Smart People Writing Dumb Things

The very excellent Bill Barnwell on 15 positions some teams just can’t seem to fill. What does he pick for the Bills?

10. Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills
The Bills were smart enough to trade Peerless Price to Atlanta at the peak of his value for a first-round pick, but the likes of Roscoe Parrish and Naaman Roosevelt have not been enough to satisfy Buffalo’s need for a complementary wideout. Furthermore, each time they have developed a talented young wideout, that guys’s taken over for the no. 1 guy within the season. Stevie Johnson usurped Lee Evans, just as Evans did Eric Moulds. This year, nominal starter David Nelson is done for the season with an injury, so the Bills have gone with a heavier dosage of Donald Jones across from Johnson.

It would be nice if our No. 2 receiver stopped killing our No. 1, but come on. It’s quarterback, stupid.

Here’s a Photo of Jim Kelly, Who is Still Not Ryan Fitzpatrick

Amazingly Complex 49ers Preview
Donte Whitner, everyone.

Motivational Phrase Written in Puppies

YouTube Nostalgia

Here’s the Bills/49ers game from 1992. If you follow it all the way through, you can watch the entire thing. You know, in case you miss watching the Bills at 1 p.m. that badly.


No one gives a shit who I think will win this game. No, really. I’m not picking anything. Ever.

Some Sunday Afternoon Jams

This is where I got the music for our Sports Recorders podcast. I thought it would be better to share.

Legitimate Opposing Quarterback Analysis
Alex Smith can be good and he can be bad. I wonder which version of Alex Smith will show up today?

Shout, Damnit

Excitable Adventure Time GIF

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Famous Last Words

Go Bills.