Week 4 GIF Recap

The Bills played a football game against New England on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Excited, futuristic and poorly rendered.

First Quarter

15:00 — Fred Jackson runs up the middle for 11 yards. (0-0 tie)

He’s back from the dead and here to save us all.

9:56 — Bills punter punts on 4th and 5. (0-0 tie)

Oh good, that guy can punt. That’s what they pay him for.

6:49 — Stevan Ridley runs for 6-yard touchdown (7-0 Patriots)

You spell your name funny, Steven.

4:06 — Jerod Mayo intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick (7-0 Patriots)

Oh. Oh God.

Second Quarter

12:56 — Devin McCourty intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick (7-0 Patriots)

Please keep trying, Ryan. Don’t ever stop trying.

11:16 — Stephen Gostkowski misses 49-yard field goal (7-0 Patriots)

I’m sure you’ll get the next one.

9:51 — Tom Brady throws 15-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski fumbles. Jarius Byrd recovers (7-0 Patriots)

They do turnovers too!

9:43 — Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 24-yard touchdown pass to Scott Chandler (7-7 tie)

5:42 — Gotskowski misses 42-yard field goal (7-7 tie)

Serious thought: Belichick was way conservative in the first half. What was up with that?

3:30 — Fitzpatrick throws 20-yard touchdown pass to Chandler (14-7 Bills)

Endzone Scott Chandler is the best Scott Chandler.

2:15 — Brady throws 14-yard pass to Wes Welker. Welker fumbles. Scott recovers (14-7 Bills)


1:11 — C.J. Spiller fumbles at 2-yard line. Patriots recover. (14-7 Bills)

But I thought… touchdowns and stuff.



Get ready to throw up.

Third Quarter

11:08 — Fitzpatrick throws 68-yard touchdown to Donald Jones (21-7 Bills)

It was a good way to ruin a nice suit.

8:10 — Brady throws 17-yard touchdown to Danny Woodhead (21-14 Bills)

Oh right. They’re not the Chiefs.

7:12 — Bills go three-and-out (21-14 Bills)

Not your best look.

3:53 — Brady rushes for 4-yard touchdown (21-21 tie)

The Bills defense just came out of that horse’s butt. Weird!

What did he say there? Something about his lodging accommodations, I’m sure.

1:56 — Bills punter shanks punt 27 yards (21-21 tie)

Well I definitely won’t be buying that guy’s jersey.

Fourth Quarter

14:55 — Brady throws 28-yard touchdown pass to Gronkowski (28-21 Patriots)

Everything got hazy after this.

13:26 — Jackson runs for 5 yards, fumbles. Tavon Wilson recovers (28-21 Bills)

You forgot something.

11:42 — Ridley runs for 2-yard touchdown (35-21 Patriots)

This party just got ugly.

11:37 — Ryan Fitzpatrick tries to kill Donald Jones. Vince Wilfork is happy to help. (35-21 Patriots)

Thank God there isn’t a GIF of Bianca Wilfork texting. That would be the entire fourth quarter.

11:19 — Fitzpatrick throws interception to McCourty. Again (35-21 Patriots)

Time to go.

Brandon Bolden runs for 7-yard touchdown (42-21 Patriots)

I think I swallowed my tongue.

6:23 — Fitzpatrick throws 35-yard touchdown pass to a third-string quarterback (42-28 Patriots)

Well at least I’m still pretty.

4:02 — Brady throws 25-yard touchdown to Brandon Lloyd (49-28 Patriots)

This is where I lost basic motor controls and my ability to parent.

3:54 — Fitzpatrick throws interception to Wilson (49-28 Patriots)

Nice tan, Fitz.

1:56 — Gotskowski kicks 30-yard field goal (52-28 Patriots)

He finally hit something.

End of Game

You, at Work This Week

See you next Sunday.