Waxing and Flapping

So these exist.

Yes, chocolate-covered candles are a thing available at your local Wegmans. I stumbled across not one, but two display racks of these things over the weekend. Apparently you eat the chocolate after scraping hot candle wax and the spit of whomever you just wished a happy birthday to.

In other words, these are totally gross.

My “Eat Some Wax” power rankings:

1) Chocolate-covered candles

2) Nik-L-Nips

3) Fancy cheeses

4) Dental floss

I know wax is safe to eat, but I’ve never seen a product so hellbent on feeding you paraffin. When traditional birthday candles get wax on the cake it’s not exactly a celebrated event. Usually it means a slow-moving person is still taking photos with a film camera.

Of course, it’s a local company that makes them. Buffalove and all that.

If someone doesn’t have a Kickstarter for remaking this thing by the end of the week, I’ve lost all faith in the Steampunk community.

The internet is not usually a place you’d expect bravery, but maybe we’re just looking at the wrong parts of the internet.

Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley, a Western New Yorker, recently wrote a Facebook post that’s gotten plenty of buzz. I’ve seen some critical responses and plenty of praise for Craig’s honesty, and it’s worth looking at. There are endless ways to use the internet, but honesty is far too rare if you ask me.

Boardwalk Empire—more like Boredwalk Empire this season—has been a mess since it killed off its most interesting character. The show’s problems were summed up brilliantly by Andy Greenwald on Grantland before Season Three started. It has gone downhill from there.

As bad as the show has been, this Sesame Street parody of it is fucking brilliant:

C’mon everybody. Let’s flap over to the beakeasy.

The Classical has a great longread about pirated sports broadcasts. Considering we all may need to use these websites to watch Thomas Vanek this year, I’d say it’s worth your time.