Revisiting the Stallions

One of the best things we’ve ever done here is The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History. It was summer, we were bored and everyone loves mascots. We picked a bunch of obscure mascots and had people vote for their favorites.

That was three years ago, but every now and again someone finds us through a Google search and will leave a comment or shoot us an email. Last week a former mascot found his way to our inbox. He was the guy behind the Buffalo Stallions mascot—Sylvester—as well as the Buffalo Blizzard mascot—Spyke—in the late 90s. He also said he still had the Sylvester suit.

This being the internet, I asked for proof. He delivered, giving us some appearance photos, the artist’s rendering you see above and two photos of the empty Stallions suit on a basement floor.

I had so many questions. How did he wind up keeping it? Had he ever tried to sell it on eBay?

“I always had a lot of fun being a mascot although it is not something you set out in life to do,” he wrote. “It did help pay some college bills. My mother used to take care of the suit and maintain it so I always had it at home since I personally did every appearance. When the team folded I don’t think anybody ever thought about what happened to the suit.”

He said he “retired” as a mascot before the Blizzard folded so he’s not sure where that suit ended up. Also, he got one offer to buy the Sylvester outfit when he was out on the town one night. He’s not currently fielding any offers for it.

Below are the rest of the photos he sent along.

Here’s Sylvester making a television appearance.

If you ask me, I’d take the “Fillies” over the Jills in a heartbeat.

Possibly the most thrilling part of our email exchange was when he included pictures of Spyke, who Jon had to draw in MS Paint at the time of our vote.

Looking back, Jon’s rendering was spot-on.

I’m fired up right now. Someone go find the Pikuzinski brothers and let’s make a pickup game happen.

If I had this autograph it would be framed and on my office wall right now.

So there you have it. We missed an obvious mascot for our contest in 2009. Sylvester Stallion deserved recognition. Sorry about that.

I’m definitely not sorry that he got in touch with us, though. I may go as Sylvester for Halloween if I can figure out a way to properly recreate horse kneecaps.

If you have any information about mascots, mentioned or otherwise, you know how to reach us.


  1. There’s at least an outside chance that pom-pom wielding kid in the background on the spike card is me, which feels pretty weird.