Week One GIF Recap

There was a football game on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


We were all Courage the Cowardly Dog.

First Quarter

11:46 — Scott intercepts Sanchez

This is going to be fun!

9:51 — Revis intercepts Fitzpatrick


6:02 — Sanchez touchdown pass to Kerley (7-0 Jets)

No thanks.

2:24 — Fitzpatrick throws his second interception

Stop hitting yourself.

Second Quarter

14:53 — Sanchez throws 33-yard touchdown pass to Hill (14-0 Jets)

12:40 — Moorman punt returned for 68-yard touchdown by Kerley (21-0 Jets)

11:07 — Fred Jackson runs for 7-yard gain, gets hit by LaRon Landry

He stays down.

He does not return.

We’re all going to die.

9:06 — C.J. Spiller runs for 56-yard touchdown (21-7 Jets)


Two Minute Drill — Field Goals (27-7 Jets)

Pull the trigger.



Third Quarter

13:41 — Fitzpatrick throws 40-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Cromartie (34-7 Jets)

To be fair, he was wide open.

9:38 — Sanches throws 17-yard touchdown pass to Hill (41-7)

4:26 — Fitzpatrick throws 5-yard touchdown pass to Scott Chandler (41-14 Jets)

Mufasa is dead, kid.

Fourth Quarter

7:57 — Fitzpatrick throws 6-yard touchdown pass to Donald Jones (41-21 Jets)

You’re not going to get me with that, quarterback-guy.

5:58 — Fitzpatrick throws 29-yard touchdown to Stevie Johnson (41-28 Jets)

1:17 — Shonn Greene 1-yard touchdown run (48-28 Jets)

Is it over yet?

End of Game


We’ll see you next Sunday.


  1. Fred

    outstanding work

  2. Mike

    This might be the best recap I’ve read anywhere ever.