Week 3 GIF Recap

The Bills played a football game in Cleveland on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Seriously. This retro thing is starting to get out of hand.

First Quarter

13:25 — Browns punt after going 3-and-out (0-0)

9:04 — Ryan Fitzpatrick Throws 9-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Graham (7-0 Bills)

Looks like Fitzpatrick left his poo brain in Buffalo, you guys.

6:59 — Browns punt after 3-and-out (7-0 Bills)

That’s pretty much what the offense looked like for Cleveland.

5:06 — Fitzpatrick throws 32-yard touchdown pass to C.J. Spiller (14-0 Bills)

That’s what it actually looked like. (via Deadspin) Here’s what you did.

You might not know this, but you kind of suck at dancing.

3:11 — Cleveland punts again, after a 3-and-out (14-0 Bills)

3:05 — Spiller runs for 10 yards, called back on holding penalty (14-0 Bills)

Spiller doesn’t get up.

He doesn’t return.

Uh oh.

We’re all going to die.

Second Quarter

12:15 — Fitzpatrick is sacked, fumbles. Cleveland recovers (14-0 Bills)

Bad poo brain. Bad!

9:47, 6:53 — Punt, Punt (14-0 Bills)

2:12 — Trent Richardson rushes for 6-yard touchdown (14-7 Bills)

Let’s try to remain calm here.



This one could go either way.

Third Quarter

10:38 — Rian Lindell kicks 37-yard field goal (17-7 Bills)

Give the people what they want.

2:27 — Brandon Weeden throws 22-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin (17-14 Bills)

Looks like there’s still some work to do here.

Fourth Quarter

14:57 — Weeden sacked by Mark Anderson on 3rd and 12 at the Bills 49 (17-14 Bills)

Come out and play, 28-year-old rookie quarterback.

9:08 — Fitzpatrick throws 9-yard touchdown pass to Stevie Johnson (24-14 Bills)

Yeah, I’d stick with the retro stuff if I were you.

6:03 — Cleveland punts on 4th and 9 at their own 36 (24-14 Bills)

That was basically the white flag there.

4:59 — Weeden sacked by Dareus and Williams (24-14 Bills)

699 GIFs to go.

4:21 — Weeden intercepted by Leodis McKelvin (24-14 Bills)

Even he made a play!

1:50 — Weeden intercepted by Bryan Scott (24-14 Bills)

Call it.

End of Game

Can you moonwalk down the 90? I’m sure somebody tried.

You, at Work This Week

See you next Sunday.