Week 2 GIF Recap

The Bills played the Chiefs on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


This is going to be better than last week, yes?

First Quarter

10:11 — Ryan Fitzpatrick throws incomplete pass on 3rd and 1 (0-0)

Stop with the poo brain, Ryan.

7:53 — Chiefs go three-and-out (0-0)

They’re really bad at football, too!

2:01 — C.J. Spiller runs for 17-yard touchdown (7-0 Bills)

That guy’s good at being a running back.

Second Quarter

13:50 — Spiller runs for 38-yard gain (7-0 Bills)

12:29 — Three plays later, Spiller scores from five yards out (14-0, Bills)

Football! I’ve always loved football!

10:17 — Matt Cassel sacked by Marcel Dareus on 3rd and 9 (14-0 Bills)

He’s a cat. An agile cat.

6:58 — Cassel sacked by Alex Carrington. He fumbles. Ball is recovered by Mario Williams (14-0 Bills)

If you don’t think I already have 700 Super Mario GIFs saved somewhere, you’re a stupid idiot person.

3:29 — Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 10-yard touchdown pass to Scott Chandler (21-0 Bills)

The Jills are loving this.

0:38 — Peyton Hillis fumbles at the Bills’ one yard line. Buffalo recovers. (21-0 Bills)

[Ugly laugh]



Third Quarter

7:32 — Ryan Succop kicks 33-yard field goal (21-3 Bills)

This game even brought Mufasa back to life.

5:35 — Fitzpatrick throws 49-yard touchdown pass to Stevie Johnson (28-3 Bills)

3:46 — Leodis McKelvin returns punt 88 yards for touchdown (35-3 Bills)

Dance party.

3:09 — Matt Cassel sacked by Kelvin Sheppard (35-3 Bills)

This one is actual game footage. No, really.

Fourth Quarter

6:26 — Cassel throws 33-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe

Is there… still football happening?

1:11 — Cassel throws 2-yard touchdown pass to Bowe (35-17 Bills)

I guess you have to get through eventually.

End of Game

That’ll do.

You, At Work This Week

See you next Sunday.


  1. please never stop and please never change the halftime gif.

  2. Sarah

    So… That’s amazing. I’m giving you a standing ovation.