RoostCast 73: Fracking Crickets

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Chris Ryndak and Gannett Albany reporter and founding Roost member Jon Campbell. They discuss why Jon’s relationship with sports is changing. They also discuss hydrofracking and how much Sabres fans should care where Terry Pegula’s money comes from. It’s a good time full of shale, crickets and lots of cash money.

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RoostCast 73

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Some notable links mentioned in this episode:

Pegula drew violations as a gas driller — Buffalo News

DEC’s fracking review grows to 4,000 pages —

Council’s anti-hydrofracking vote brings ovation — Niagara Gazette

Safe — Buffalo Spree

Faculty Question SUNY-Buffalo About Fracking Institute — Bloomberg

Backyard Battlefields: The bloody business of fracking in Arkansas — Oxford American

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson doing well after returning home from the hospital — The Associated Press (With quote from Pegula that reads: “We’re still in the oil and gas business.”

Musical selections for this episode:

Lettuce” — Lettsanity

Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect” — The Decemberists


  1. Mike

    Since when did Terry Pegula become Kefka from Final Fantasy VI?
    About Niagara Falls – Isn’t a little late for them to get NIMBY? You would know better than I would but don’t they still make money taking trash from the NYC area? Isn’t Oxy still there as well as the 15 brownfield sites? Yet fracking is a bridge too far. Huh.
    About the Heaney piece – I think what really upset people about that piece was the timing of it. It came out at a time when people really really needed to believe in Terry Pegula, rightly or wrongly. The piece was as relevant as it ever would be, but there was definitely going to be a backlash. If he had written it say now, I don’t think it would have quite produced the anger and people would have given it some more sober thought.

    • I agree that the response to Heaney’s piece was to be expected, but it is interesting to see how quickly people came to defend Pegula in general. Gleason’s initial article about Pegula’s interest in buying the team came out of nowhere and we knew little to nothing about him. In the “discovery” phase between his intent to buy and the actual purpose, no one seemed willing to really look at who he actually is. The one piece that did a bit more than a Google search for photos of him had interesting things in it, but people immediately freaked out.

      Also, the NIMBY part of Niagara Falls came far too late. You’re definitely right about that.