Mammal Typography and Chapmania

If you have something to say, it should be said using puppies as a typeface.

Some people like gratuitous food photos or Instagramed cloud formations, but I prefer dead mall porn. Here’s 84 photos of dead malls.

If I’ve learned anything from the last NHL lockout it’s that I merely supplement my lack of hockey with other sports. This year I’ve already watched plenty of college football, and basketball is sure to follow if the snow starts falling and hockey stays in chains.

But don’t cry for me, dear reader. The more college football I watch, the more I understand of the Shutdown Fullback videos Spencer Hall and Co. put together each week.

They are awesome and clearly made by people who also work for Adult Swim, which makes my watching—and liking—of these videos practically inevitable. I hope you feel the same way.

In my endless quest to find sports-related artwork I can’t afford or have wall space for, here’s every major league baseball park on a map of the United States if the foul lines went on forever.

I don’t have any tattoos, which means I’ll never be considered cool and I don’t spend my disposable income on ink. It also means I never made a quick buck during the dot com boom.

Buzzfeed caught up with some people who did just that by tattooing website URLs and logos to their body. It’s more than a little terrifying. I’d bookmark this and revisit it the next time you think about a career change. There are worse, weirder and more desperate ways to make a living.

I’d rather see this a billion times on Sunday than well, any other beer ad ever made.

To prove that gravity is just beginning to drag us down the rabbit hole, Grantland wrote an entire piece about something that never happened. It was actually mildly interesting.

Aroldis Chapman’s season in Cincinnati was remarkable, and I certainly don’t feel bad for the Marlins team that trudges on without him on the roster. It is interesting to see him become a real major league player, however. I went to a Cubs/Reds game in Cinci last month and it was remarkable to see that stadium come alive when he entered the game in the ninth.

It’s going to be an exciting fall in southwestern Ohio.