Covering a Revolution

If you’ve watched anything on NBC over the last few months, you know that Revolution is coming. Sunday Night Football games were flooded with previews for the show, depicting a confusing world without power where Wrigley Field is the host site for a Jumanji sequel.

The show’s unlikely concept and quirky gun control laws made it ripe for hate-watching, but I wasn’t struck to act on it like Chris was. Thankfully, he live-tweeted the show’s premiere last night.

You can watch the pilot on Hulu and follow along or, if you’re like me, you just wanted someone else to watch this train wreck for you. Enjoy.

One Comment

  1. Mike

    Can Revolution be any worse than Smash? I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a show to fail more in my life. Because I’m clearly a heterosexist misogynist. I would love to see a liveblogging of Smash but I don’t think I could inflict that on anyone.