Streets Ahead on Icycling

There’s a street in Niagara Falls called Roselle Avenue. A friend of mine grew up there, and every time I drive by I wonder how it was named. I always joked that some mayor loved the television deal Pete Rozelle set up as NFL commissioner and named it in his honor. Yes, I know it’s spelled differently. The point is I have no idea where street names come from, so I usually just make it up.

Buffalo Streets, however, does not make it up. It goes through painstaking detail to describe the history of roads in Buffalo, and it’s a lot of fun. If you like maps, old newspaper clippings and history, it’s the site for you.

I’m surprised I didn’t stumble across this sooner, but I’m looking forward to catching up on things. The site looks to have about 30 streets nailed down so far, which means there is plenty of history left to explore. It’s on the sidebar now, so new posts will pop up when they arrive.

There is no shortage of good sports writing out there these days, but Cardboard Gods on The Classical is something special. I had never read Josh Wilker before he popped up on Shoals’ website, but he consistently impresses me with his work there. Every story is interesting, and it’s not just because of the baseball cards mentioned. I would call into The Hobby about it but I haven’t listened to radio on a Saturday morning, well, ever.

Speaking of cardboard: Apparently there’s gold in them there boxes.

While everyone else seems to be complaining about the Olympic blackouts and/or spoilers, I’m already looking to push my favorite quasi-sports into the next version of the Winter Games. Here’s Icycling, which is as awesome as it sounds:

If you’re not gluing your Huffy to the blade of an old ice skate by day’s end, patriotism is dead.

Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball makes some awesome infographics, but his Tumblr is also a lot of fun. He’s currently living south of the border and consistently tells stories about watching baseball down there. He also does quick little drawings with an iPad that are a nice relief from the usual madness that Tumblr can bring.

This is a picture of a small cheeseburger sliding into home place. Wordplay.

If you must watch the Olympics, or want to catch up on things you missed, you really can’t beat GIFs. This is the future of journalism. Take it in, people. Let it make you whole.

Just don’t open that link on a mobile phone. It may start to melt with the page half loaded.

A few weeks ago I wrote a long post mentioning a Jeff Buckley demo recorded at Spot Coffee in Buffalo. Someone emailed me asking for it and, since it’s sitting on our servers now, feel free to download it if it’s your thing. Consider it a poor quality gift of audio that’s not me rambling into a microphone. It’s the best we’re going to do for you.