Last week we were asked to put together the Essentials post for the Sabres over at Puck Daddy. Though happy to oblige, I’ve barricaded my feelings in a padded room for the next few days, just in case the comments section swallows me whole.

While doing a bit of research for the post, I remembered how much respect I have for Dominik Hasek’s time with the Sabres. My appreciation for what Hasek accomplished here is pretty evident in the post, but I think watching Hasek play here has changed the way we think about goaltending in Buffalo. Surely Ryan Miller would be treated differently if we didn’t have memories of Hasek carrying mediocre skaters through playoff rounds.

I threw a bunch of videos in the Essentials post, but I thought I’d share one more to give you a feel for how the Sabres looked before Hasek was Hasek. This is Hasek in his first game. The video is really interesting because it is more gameplay than Hasek highlight reel. Everything looks so… different. It’s worth the 23 minutes if you’re interested in some nostalgia.


  1. Ryan

    Watching that video it’s pretty crazy how similar Daigle’s hit on Hasek was to Lucic on Miller. Of course that team cleaned Daigle’s clock later in the game… but it’s interesting to see.

  2. Sean

    I thought the same thing when I saw it Ryan. Very similar reaction as well. I think players are shocked when that kind of thing happens. Sure something should have been done, but the whole thing has been so over blown, largely because Miller got injured on it. Lucic is a bitch just like Daigle.