Links For Shut-Ins

It’s July 4, the day we celebrate rebuilding the White House after the aliens blew it up while President Bill Pullman helped stop the squid invasion with Will Smith.

You’re probably out blowing stuff up with your loved ones on this oddest Wednesday of the year. If you’ve recently been disowned or would rather hang out alone reading sports blogs all day, we’ve got you covered. Here are your July 4th For Shut-Ins links.

If you love sports, you also love horrible minor league sports mascots. A venture such as the AF2 is bound to have a bunch. As always, Spencer Hall brings the noise.

The Peoria Pirates did not even have money for color, or for making a logo using anything but ClipArt and a font known only as “Crayola Ransom.” They did win the 2003 ArenaCup over the Florida FireCats, another team with an ill-conceived tribute to firefighting built into their name. The makers of AF2 had no idea what firefighting was, and may have understood it to be setting things on fire, including Floridian feral cats.

If you do one thing this Independence Day, please slowly scroll the South Georgia Wildcats website navigation bar. America.

Contrary to the above cartoon I actually have interests outside of sports. No, really. Summer is a time for reading, and on my current Books In Progress list are The Big Roads and City on the Edge: Buffalo, New York. The Big Roads chronicles the rise of the American superhighway, and road construction in general. Corey borrowed it to me a few weeks ago and it is quite excellent.

Mark Goldman’s take on Buffalo’s rise and fall, on the other hand, is appropriately depressing and informative. I’ve heard that other books on Buffalo have more depth, but you really can’t beat that cover. Vigilant Roost visitors will remember that book landing on the Reading With the Roost list a few years ago. Better late than never, right?

Brian Phillips‘s dispatches from Wimbledon for Grantland have been nothing short of a revelation. If you haven’t been following along, go back to part one and just go along for the ride. He’s a fantastic writer that I’ve loved since his Run of Play days, but seeing him explore the space with tennis — and England in general — has been exhilarating.

If you came here without knowing the big news out of The Hockey State, well, you’re not alone. I woke up late and missed the big news as well. Needless to say, I’m quite thrilled for Wild fans. It feels like this is something new, as far as free agency is concerned. Maybe after a few hamburgers and fireworks we can chat about it tomorrow.