The Obstinacy of Links

Hey man, someone should make a little money off this site, right?

These days I sit in an office and read and write a lot. When I don’t feel like writing, I read more. I feel if you are also bored at work, you should do the same. Here’s what I’ve been reading over the last week:

But first… an announcement!

Following the rousing success of last year’s July 1 live blog (one person said he liked it!) we will do another one this Sunday, starting around 11:45. There is NHL free agency to discuss, and I hear there’s a big soccer game to watch in the afternoon.

I’m happy to say that Chris Ryndak will be back to chat with us, as well as a few other familiar names we’ve done this with in the past. If you’d like to hang out with us, or host it on your site, drops us a line and we’ll be in touch. I’m looking forward to it.

On to the links.

There has been an awful lot written about The Newsroom lately. Not as much as Girls, which I still think is a special kind of awful, but it’s been enough. I haven’t checked it out yet, but the journalisty people I know seem to love it. (Not that I know Dan Rather. That would be weird.)

Others, however, do not. Emilly Nussbaum of The New Yorker obliterated the show in a review, saying it “gets so bad so quickly that I found my jaw dropping.

The third episode is lousy (and devolves into lectures that are chopped into montages). The fourth episode is the worst. There are six to go.

Sounds fun. Drew Magary also points out that Sorkin is kind of a dick, but that doesn’t really mean anything for the show itself. The above video, however, is an interesting look at all the recycled material he’s used over the years. That’s really quite something.

Of course, you could watch the pilot for free on YouTube and decide for yourself.

If you need another excuse to hate sports — other than the soul-crushing losses and all that — following Field of Schemes on Twitter is an excellent way to get your offseason fix.

The writer is incredibly snarky and good and collecting information about pretty much any city with or looking to build a large facility to host sports. This post, about Houston, is a good example of what he does and what he knows. Even if you can’t take the biting sarcasm and poor city management on a regular basis, it’s a great resource.

I haven’t said anything about the recent Buffalo News announcement of a paywall, and I’d like to keep it that way and just watch what happens. However, this Atlantic post about newspapers and pornography is hilarious and sad and weird. I think it’s a good companion piece to think about as they move forward.

Kevin Purdy wrote an excellent story for Buffalo Spree that I haven’t linked to anywhere and should. The Phantom King of Buffalo is a must-read. It blows my mind this story doesn’t get more attention. Let’s change that.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my print! It hadn’t occurred to me ‘An Obstinacy of Buffalo’ might appeal to Sabres fans. I’m amused and flattered.