The signs of maturity all around me.

Beyond my sleeping like a normal person and making car payments and whatnot, everyone I know seems to be getting married and having children. For now, I’ll take the former as a sign that things are looking up on my end.

Ask those that know me and they’ll say I’m far from ready to have a child. I’ll smile and nod along with that assessment, then ask if you’d like to go to Lazertron next weekend. There are many ways to show maturity these days. Bringing children into the world is not one I plan on tackling anytime soon.

I think about my dad on Father’s Day, sure, but we don’t exactly celebrate it in the traditional sense. After I hit ‘publish’ here I’ll help him rebuild the swimming pool in the backyard. He’s not exactly a breakfast in bed kind of guy.

Today, though, I’m thinking about new fathers. The holiday is a good reason to spend five dollars on a greeting card, but it’s interesting to think about the people who, for the first time, have reason to celebrate this day for themselves. I have to admit, it sounds like it could be pretty great someday.

Here are two of the best things I’ve ever read about fatherhood. The first is local and — more to the theme of this site — about baseball. It’s excellent. The second one is by Drew Magary, who has a bit more brand recognition around the Internet than The Defenseman. Both are equally excellent pieces, and worth celebrating on a day like this.