RoostCast Episode 61: A Cloud of Glitter and Nonsense

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Chris Smith of Artvoice and Paul of Hockey Rhetoric to discuss fragmentation in culture and online. How we view sports, music and society at large all comes into play. They also discuss sports blogging, jobs reports and making changes to The Buffalo News.

Some links you may find helpful as you listen along:

“Good Job, Good Effort” Kid Identified As World’s Best Miami Heat Fan — Deadspin

‘The Information Diet’: Should Americans Exercise More ‘Conscious Consumption’? — PBS Newshour

Stare Down — Esquire

The Morning Grumpy – 6/8/12 — Artvoice

Grand Island’s victory has mystical moments by Keith McShea — The Buffalo News

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Musical selections for this episode:

The Hounds” — The Protomen

Prisecolinensinenciousol” — Adriano Celentano