RoostCast Episode 60: Mustache Cash Stash

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Phil Dzikiy from and In Pod Form to discuss being an away team fan and watching sports from afar. They also tackle the inferiority complex of hockey fans, what makes Buffalo sports fans interesting and briefly discuss the newspaper industry.

Some links you may find helpful as you listen along:

Malice and the Open Field — The Goose’s Roost

Queens Park Dangers —

Columbia Journalism Review: Free For All — (with links to CJR articles)

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Musical selections for this episode:

Without MSG I am Nothing” — Mclusky

Greetings to the New Brunette” — Billy Bragg

One Comment

  1. Mike

    Quite a few things relevant to my interests in your podcast.
    Maybe this says a lot about my personality, but I love being an expat fan. It kind of gives me a thrill to walk into the Verizon Center wearing blue with most people wearing red (although at the same time, there are also a lot of people wearing blue). It’s kind of empowering being part of a sizable minority and playing the role of spoiler. But at the same time, if my team loses, then it’s not as if everyone talks about it. One of the things that killed me about growing up in WNY was when the Bills or Sabres would have a big loss, you’d see it in people’s faces for weeks. I can deal with my own sadness, but when the entire area is in a collective funk, it’s harder for me to deal with. Here I can go do something I really like and I’m more or less over it. No black clouds.
    DC Sports Fans crack me up. They’re simultaneously more fairweather than Buffalo fans (and angsty about it) while being more delusional. What blew me away was that I was in court the other day because that’s just part of what I do and I saw someone wearing an RGIII jersey. To Court. And it was a matter of hours after he had been drafted.