RoostCast Episode 59: Girls and Kings and Gawkers

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Paul from Hockey Rhetoric to talk CBC’s While the Men Watch and perception during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They also discuss Gawker Media and how we talk about things on the internet. Ryan also finally pronounces Paul’s last name correctly.

Some links you may find helpful as you listen along:

While The Men Watch Hockey Night, the women get frustrated with CBC — Puck Daddy

Women Who Watch — The Score

Kopitar’s winner follows a series of mistakes by Devils — The Globe and Mail

Sarah Phillips: A Guide — Deadspin

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Musical selections for this episode:

“Countdown” — The Black Keys

“In an Aeroplane Over the Sea” — Neutral Milk Hotel


  1. PKB


    Also, I said Jeff Hartnell and I hate that. Siri, can you replace Scott with Jeff?

  2. Mike

    With regards to the While the Men Watch controversy I feel like we have other programming stateside that fills that void, but it’s way more subtle. I almost feel like the VH1 programs are very close to that with “The T.O. Show” or “_____ Wives.” Those are shows that are tangentially related to sports, but most men wouldn’t be caught dead watching them. I almost feel like “_____ Wives” feeds into a perceived female fantasy of what it would be like to be a spouse of a professional athlete and be living that lifestyle where you are forced to spend all your time with a bunch of cartoonish spiteful banshees and there is DRAMA. Why the sports angle has to come in, I’m not sure. But I imagine that its so that some men will watch with their girlfriends/fiancees/wives.
    There was also that horrible ESPN show a few years ago that was all about sports and celebrities a few years back that certainly catered to whatever marketing department execs had in mind of the 25-40 y.o women demo. The noxious promos were all “See what Tom and Gisele are doing hanging out with Matt Damon!” Mercifully, I think that was canceled. I kind of look at what the CBC is doing as similar. I think as hockey fans, we’re not used to the sport being “ruined” by the sorts of things that mainstream exposure like that would bring, aside from the occasional Mike Comrie / Hilary Duff marriage.