RoostCast Episode 52: Live From Biff’s Casino Wasteland

Ryan, Corey and Artvoice’s Chris Smith go into overtime talking about the internet and technology. Apple, Research in Motion and HP are all targets, but the general idea of technology and consumerism directs the conversation throughout the hour.

Ryan makes one sports reference and gets made fun of for it. Yes, that kind of podcast.

RoostCast Episode 52

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Musical selections for this episode:

“Fluorescent Adolescent” — Arctic Monkeys

“Freaks and Geeks” — Childish Gambino


  1. Jennifer Rossi

    Is this supposed to be a “Sopranos” ending?

    • Unfortunately, no. The rest should be there now. Sorry about that.

      But hey, at least we know one person got that far in it…