Perk Yo Ears Up

We will get to Buffalo Fightin’ Ryan Millers shortly. First, go grab some headphones and dim the lights.

A few days ago I was a guest on In Pod Form, a podcast hosted by Kevin Purdy and Phil Dzikiy. They’re writers that moonlight with microphones, and do it well, I might add.

There are two reasons for this post. The first is that you should listen to that podcast, as well as any future one they put out. Kevin and Phil are good people with lovely homes. Let them into your lives.

The other reason is that a few minutes into the show we talk about my new job. On Monday I started working with a children’s publishing firm in Buffalo, which means I’m no longer a full-time employee at the Niagara Gazette. A week in, I’m very happy with the move. It’s quite nice of you to ask.

I’ll still be writing for the Gazette in the coming weeks, but from now on my journalism will be in freelance form. If you have jobs for me, feel free to get in touch.

There are plenty of thoughts bouncing around my head about the 18 months I spent at the Gazette. I learned a lot as a writer and met some lovely people who are passionate about sports. I also learned that I was ready for something different. That’s exactly what I’m getting in my new venture.

One of the many positives of my new occupation — aside from the potential to gradually crawl my way out of abject poverty — is that I will be able to watch more professional sports. Hockey included. Hopefully that means a bit more action around these parts. It has certainly translated into more tweets. Whatever that means.

Thanks for listening. Tell the family I said hello when you get a chance.


  1. Whatever, that Lego Iron Giant is awesome.

    (good luck dude)