Since When Did Any Of This Matter?

by Corey

Holy Moses. Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown seven touchdowns in his first two games this year for the Buffalo Bills. This is pretty good stuff from a quarterback around these parts. Our quaterbacks have been spotty over the past 11 years. Bledsoe’s first six games. Trent Edwards had maybe five games in 2008. Then you’re going back to Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson dueling it for a dying franchise. So when Fitzpatrick leads a last minute drive to win a game across the length of the field, you can count me as satisfied.

No, he isn’t Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. There are currently four reliable quarterbacks in the league from week to week. That would be Brady, Manning, Rodgers, and Brees. Anyone else could crap the bed from week to week. Others have won Super Bowls for sure, but still don’t produce week to week greatness. Our standards of how consistent a quarterback should be in the NFL are incredibly high. There just aren’t enough guys who play that position with authority every week.

If that is true, should not the Bills sign the guy who has demonstarted that he has the capability of putting up good games at least occasionally? I know thinking about the Bills in any capacity beyond the timeslot of one to four P.M. on Sundays can lead to strokes, but folks, our quarterbacks have been junk for too long for me to wait for the next ride to come along.

It should be noted that the players who made no plays for this team who left in the offseason (Whitner, Evans, Poszluzny) continue to make no plays for their new teams, while the players who have taken their place have found ways to win as opposed to lose. Fred Jackson, Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson, and Kyle Williams are making plays that win games, which is a weird experience for us as fans I know. People keep looking to replace Jackson all while he drags defenders with him across the field. Fitzpatrick is a risk at quarterback as he throws a touchdown every time he gets the ball in the second half against Oakland. Johnson couldn’t possibly be effective without Lee Evans as he keeps catching touchdowns.

And who cares about a contract in the NFL? Players are cut and replaced constantly. Albert Haynesworth had the most abominable contract ever in that league and he was traded. Whatever you pay Fitzpatrick, the risk is minimal to the health of the franchise.

If you think the owner just won’t put up the cash and it just isn’t in the heart of management to figure this out, then take your computer, place it under the front of the tire of your car, and accelerate. No point in playing the same game as every other fan in the NFL. Drink your beer, enjoy the game, then get the hell out.

Maybe as fans of a team that has been a disaster for a decade we shouldn’t be so greedy. I’ll take Fitzpatrick and Jackson. Not because they are Buffalo Guys or because of how great they are in the locker room. Ill take them because maybe they are actually good.