Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Raiders

The Buffalo Bills are 1-0 after thoroughly beating Kansas City into submission.

It could be that the Chiefs are all kinds of awful and they’re going to get beat a lot this season. It could be that the Bills are a crazy good team with a wide-open offense and a defensive pass rush that’s effective even when Shawne Merriman only registers one tackle.

Honestly, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. The Chiefs are pretty bad and the Bills are actually kind of good (gasp!). We don’t have enough evidence yet to really support either theory, but last week was fun. So let’s not spoil it.

Bring us the head of Al Davis. Consider this your Gameday Prep.

Kickoff: 1 p.m. on CBS.

Your Announcers: Kevin Harlan, Solomon Wilcots.

Depth Charts: Buffalo. Oakland.

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Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading
–Ryan Fitzpatrick is the greatest quarterback in the universe right now, according to ESPN’s crazy new science. And he might be talking to the Bills about a contract extension.

–Bills owner Ralph Wilson broke his hip and June and will miss his first home opener in 52 years as a result.

–If you’re tailgating in a stadium lot, make sure you know what you can and can’t do today before you head out (we even present it to you in video form). With the new rules, you might be better off not parking in a stadium lot.

–Phil Hansen is going up on the Wall of Fame. Take a look at his body of work.

–Stevie Johnson still flies under the radar in his hometown of San Francisco. This is how they do him.

–Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski allegedly beats up women. No word on if he assaulted her from 63 yards out.

–One of many much more comprehensive game previews from Buffalo Rumblings.

–And a much funnier game preview from Dear God, Why Us? Sports.

One Thing Definitely Worth Mocking
a.k.a. Your Bleacher Report Article of the Week

“5 Reasons Why The Oakland Raiders Will Leave Buffalo 2-0”

Since it’s a slideshow, we’ll just give you the five reasons. No one likes clicking through a slideshow.

1. Physicality
2. Mentality
3. The Running Game
4. Jason Campbell
5. Defense

And we swear that we didn’t make any of those up. Click through the slideshow if we don’t believe us. But you should believe us.

A Video To Pump You Up

(via @GZornick)

A Video Possibly Older Than You To Pump You Up

Don’t Look for a Metaphor Here

Some Music To Pump You Up

Take it to the next level.

And Finally, A Page To Keep Open After Every Score

Go Bills.