Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Patriots

Well, the last two weeks have been pretty fun, haven’t they?

The Bills beat the Chiefs in a rout and came back against the Raiders in the final minute after a pretty miserable first half. We’ve seen a few different shades of this team already. The juggernaut that buried Kansas City, the struggling on-its-heals stylings of the first two quarters against Oakland and the ne’er-say-die-keep-fighting Bills that were able to execute almost flawlessly in the second half of the Raiders game.

The greatest contribution to the season so far has been brought to us by NFL Flims. Ladies and gentlemen, the Fitz Scream.

And that brings us to today. The Patriots roll into town with a 2-0 record and Tom Brady playing as well as he ever has. The guy is putting up some ridiculous numbers and the New England offense is having its way with teams.

So we’re going to have to see how this one plays out. The Bills are playing well and deserve the attention they’ve been getting. This game isn’t the end all, be all. They might fall off ESPN (nee national relevancy) if they lose, but they didn’t win the Super Bowl if they win, either.

We know history isn’t on their side, but none of that should matter. It’s a different roster, a different week, a different season. One game. Sixty minutes.

Consider this your Gameday Prep.

Gametime: 1 p.m., CBS

Your Announcers: Marv Albert, Rich Gannon (oy vey)

Depth Charts: Buffalo. New England.

How to Talk to Us
Ryan and Chris will be at the game, giving updates and sharing their thoughts periodically on Twitter.

Corey will be — in his own words — “watching Sunday from the safe and friendly confines of a fabric shroud of protection.” So it would probably be OK to send him tweets, too.

The group email is a little slower, but we always like it when cool stuff is sent out way.

Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading
–On Brady’s numbers through two weeks.

–From “And now that the Bills (who, the national sports announcers love to remind us, have missed the playoffs 11 years running) are one of just seven undefeated clubs in the league, the haters are out in full force, confident that pathetic Buffalo will be rightly put in its place by the admittedly stellar New England Patriots on Sunday.”

–The Bills aren’t used to success.

–What’s now becoming the annual “Gronskowski comes home” article. (Too bad Dan got cut the other day).

–Tedy Bruschi’s Take.

–Good matchup stuff as always from Buffalo Rumblings.

–More on the hard times Bills fans have gone through over the years.

One Article Definitely Worth Mocking:
That Yahoo! even published this “fan’s take” is amazing.

A Video to Pump You Up

(via @gzornick)


Some Music with Your Salsa

And Finally, A Link to Keep Open After Every Score

Go Bills.

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