Who The Hell Is This Guy?

by Corey

I have no idea who Christian Ehrhoff is, except that he is going to give the ‘h’ key on my laptop a workout over the next ten years.

So I asked my sister Shelby Griswold, who writes her own stuff, to give me an update. She roots for both the Sabres and the Canucks. Don’t judge.

Sabres fans should not expect a lot of defensive plays from Christian Ehrhoff. Watching him on the Canucks for the past two years, you can tell he has a tendency to jump in on the play and help out a lot more offensively. He was a key component on Vancouver’s power play with playing on the point and has a big shot that can get through the opposition. While he has developed more defensive plays, I would still consider him to be a pure offensive-defensive.

He’s small for his position, only being a mere 203 lbs. I don’t remember seeing him throw his body weight around that much during games, but I feel like with the acquisition of Robyn Regehr, this balances things out. He has not suffered from many injuries during his playing career, and I’ve read that he’s missed a total of only fifteen games. Considering how fast defensemen seem to go down on this team, I would say that only missing fifteen games out of your whole career is pretty good. He did have an injured shoulder last year during the playoffs but played through it. It should be rehabilitated by the time the season begins.

The past two seasons with Vancouver have been his best years; statistically. That could have been because he’s a talented player or he was playing with two Art Ross trophy winners and a Selke trophy winner on his team. Either way, the 10-year/$40 million is a huge payday for Ehrhoff whether he deserves it or not. As a Canucks fan myself, I don’t think that he deserved that much but I believe that his offensive upside on the blueline is just what this team needs and he can join the likes of both Jordan Leopold and Tyler Myers in that category.

There you have it folks. Some advanced scouting. Considering that Leopold and Myers both have a lot of offensive game in their skill set, the Sabres can put three legit defensive scoring threats on a power play that was the pits for most of the year. Vanek and Stafford combined had 22 power play goals. Stafford got ridiculously hot late in the year.

The Sabres had a 19.4% clip on the power play last season. Ehrhoff was in on 28 power play goals last year. Lets say he adds 10 more to the team in the same opportunities. That makes the percentage 22.9. You go from 9th in the league to 5th.

Along with this, you get the chance of a better run power play all together plus any extra chances he tosses in during 5-on-5.

Worth it?